1&2 Sara and Ryan: human looking with ridges of scales along their necks and foreheads (Like a Cardassian)

3 Vincent: Black scaled,haired, and skinned Naga with red eyes.

4&5 Max and Justine: Human save slit pupils and forked tongues

6,7&8 Barren, Joseph, and Jillian: Fairly even mixes of wolf and snake. Mostly furred with scaled backs and tails, slit pupils, forked tongues and hypodermic fangs

10 Juliet Jr: Polar bear with scaled back and snake tail, missing her left forearm

11&12 Richard and John: Just like Azuka's litter, only polar bear instead of wolf

13 Asp: Almost entirely snake anthro save a polar bear nose

14 Karl: Polar bear anthro with forked tongue, mute

15 Caesar: Cobra anthro naga, inucbus (stays with his father)

16,17&18 Isis, Hathor, and Nephthys: jackal anthros with patches of scales

19 Tiff: futa neko adopted

20 Bo: Sheep girl. Adopted.

21,22&23 Shagul Jr, Oynx, Jade: cobra anthros.

24 Gorge: Male Medusa

25&26 Ka and Typhon: Anaconda anthros with cobra hoods

27&28 Ruby and Garnet: red naga girls with overgrown fangs

29 Drogo: Albino naga

30&31 Nag and Karait: cobra anthro males with black hair atop heads

32 Set: Anaconda anthro

33 Wedjat: human girl with cobra head

34 Coil: human male with anaconda tail

35 Jewel: female anaconda anthro

36 Dahlia: orange sphinx female with scales on belly and spine

37 Victoria Diamond: female cobra/rattlesnake anthro

38 Reaver: male cobra anthro

39 Cara: female cobra

40&41 Sundown and Ren:male rattlesnake anthros

42 Tuli: neko female

43 Lucie: human female

44 Jackson: Cheshire cat male

45 Andrew: human male w/forked tongue, red eyes

46 Sekhmet: panther/cobra female forked tongue, fangs, snake tail

47&48 Anya and Pietro: wolf/cobra hybrids

49 Siri: Drow/werewolf female adopted

50 Cahlind: Drow/snake female. Scaled arms and legs, long tail

51&52 Naxil and Xedrix: Twin Dark elf/cobra sons. Look like male versions of Cahlind

53, 54&55 Scylla, Lilith, Tiamat: Triplet succubus daughters.

56 Mikey: dog boy

57 Kal'daka: anthro wolf naga female

58 Mirshann: anthro wolf naga futa

59&60 Sargtlin and Killian: anthro wolf naga males

61 Natasha: human female

62&63 Medea(5 horns) and Parthenia(4 horns): twin daemon girls with black scales. Four arms each and crowns of small horns atop hoods.

64 Reisen: adopted female.

65 Tex Jr: Bull anthro with red eyes and snake tail

66&67 Min(long, thin horns) and Carrow(shorter, thicker horns): snake anthro girls with horns and hooved feet.

68, 69&70 Lachlain, Rydstrom, Cadeon: Cobra taur males.

71 Lothaire: human/cobra mix son. Claws, fangs/human teeth, tail grey skin.

72 Garreth: human male

73 Phenix: Cobra anthro female

74 Strider: Male, Human features, pale skin, scales on limbs

75 Sabine: Female, Snake, hood flows back like human hair

76 Cameo: Female, Human save slit pupils

77 Amun: Male, Cobra head, scales running down back to tail grey human rest of body

78 Carafina: Female, Cobra/Daemon One blue eye, one red. Hood on right side of head, curved horn on left. Full five fingers one left hand, only three on right. Left leg humanoid, hooved animal leg right. Two tails, multicolored scales all over.

79 Gideon: Male, Human frame with scales all over

80 Apollymi Robin: Human with scaled limbs and tail. Demigoddess.

81 Apostolos Geralt: Human with red eyes and clawed fingers. Demigoddess.

82 Simi: light blue flesh had thin, needle like horns sprouting from the sides of her head, twisting at the tips akin to a corkscrew. Her white tail was thicker, like her mother's, with a ivory scaled belly. Eyes of pure silver blinked up, a trident tongue peeking through her fanged lips. Succubus.

83 Strykerius: tad larger than the rest, stuck out. He was a dark green in color, scaled trailing along his shoulders down his arms, hands morphed to pointed dark claws. Bull horns sprouted from his forehead, four, decorating above his violet eyes. There was barely any distinction between pupil, iris, and sclera, only the barely there ebony dot of the pupil.
His tail shifted the towel, a spaded tip attached, ebony aside from he streak of purple running down the middle. Incubus.

84 Zebulon: flesh a midnight blue, decorated with golden scales along his tummy, legs, and a few sprinkled across his cheeks. His eyes burned a fiery red, thick tail ending with a spaded tip, bleached black from the halfway point of its length. His horns were akin to a bulls, jutting out from the top, with a singular tongue wiggling in his mouth. Incubus.

85 Xirena: sweet pink hue of her flesh.
Little tufts of hair sprouted from her skull, baby blue in color, with tiny silver horns jutting out from her forehead. Bright azure eyes blink up at her momma, cooing and gurgling with her pale silver serpent tongue.
In the same hue as her tongue, scales showered her tummy, covering her legs , though only speckled across her arms. Her wee claws were tipped in the brilliant color, tiny small pointed tips. Her tail sneaks up, coiling around Shandii's wrist, heart shaped and holding a mixture of pink and silver, with a dash of blue in the middle. Succubus.

86 Alexion: Black scaled incubus with blood red wings, eyes, and claws.

87 Boa: Succubus with long serpent tail and venomous fangs.

88 Elizabeth: Succubus with blood red coloring all over.

89 Icarus: Winged male cobra anthro.

90 Elora Danan: Cobra anthro/ Titanoboa naga mix

91&92 Enkidu and Gilgamesh: Cobra/wolf anthro mixes.