Well, you broke up with me today, and i can honestly say, I'm a mess. All those amazing moments are gone in an instant. All those $4 dates, and sneaking to the theatre and everything. We were perfectly fine yesterday and idk what went wrong. Your parents found out your math grade and told you that they didn't want you dating me but that didn't stop you before. What happened? I'm still so in love with you and I can't stop these tears. We were looking forward to the summer as if our lives depended on it. I was going to teach you how to drive, we were going to go to kings dominion, john mayer concerts, and brad paisley concert. Remember that song Little Moments? I know it was just a silly song and I said I don't like country that much, but the fact that you told me that song reminded you of us, made me smile so much. You were the one reason that I could bear to wake up and go to school in the morning, and now, I don't even want to think of a summer without you. I keep hoping that this is just some sort of nightmare that I'll wake up from soon. I keep thinking of when I asked you out and how in love I was. Right there, at disney world in epcot. under the lit torch where the fireworks were just about to begin. We won best secret relationship in chorus, and now Its all over.