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Random bag of socks
Its what I want
Amaryllis Rosenwood: The Mortal Goddess
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Name: Amaryllis Rosenwood
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Ookamiotoko (half wolf/human)
Weapon Skill Set: Close ranged
Weapons Carried: A simple sword strapped to her side and her fists

Personality: Amaryllis, once looked up to as a savior, now lurks in the darkness to save her now lost clan. She carries a serious attitude and looks out only for herself. She looks down on anyone who has a smile on their face, for they do not know what life truly is. She believes that strength is the only things that matters and will accept any challenge that is thrown at her.

Bio: In the clan of 'Rosenwood' there is a tale that every child and adult knows, it is the story of their goddess who is named Amaryllis. The story goes like this:

'In the time where peace was said to be ever lasting, a single girl saw the wavering feelings of the other clans. Rushing to the leader of the clan, she tried to warn him of the other clans, and that he should be wary of their future actions. The leader, thinking her crazy, sent her to the prison cell for doubting his decisions.

Sitting in the cell, with a single silent guard to keep her company, she awaited the trouble that was to come knocking on her clan's door.

Early next morning, a crash came from the front of the clans main gate. The guard, staring back at her told her not to go anywhere. A smile fell upon her face and in the darkness of the cell, she started to sing. "Heed not my warnings, for they are flawed, but the truth still lingers in them. Guard the gates of passages all, for they will come storming up the walls." Standing up, she broke out of the cell by kicking it down.

Running into battle, she threw kicks and punches at the opposing force, but their numbers were more then she could handle and her energy grew thin. With one final hope, she used the last of her energy to send the army to the netherworlds. She succeed, but in doing so she destroyed her body. The last the clan saw of her, was her spirit rising to the heavens with a smile on her face as she sang the last of her song "But one shall stop them, truer then all, shattering her body to bring their downfall." Till this day, her smile bears down on them, awaiting her spirit to be reborn.'

On the day of her birth, the legand became true. With eyes of an unatural red and hair of white, they knew that their mortal goddess, Amaryllis, had come back. Naming her the same as her former life, they decided that the name of the clan should also take part in her name, and thus, Amaryllis Rosenwood came to be. But all was not so happy in the clan.

One day, when Amaryllis was only twelve years of age, the village was attacked. Most of the clan did not survive and Amaryllis had lost her left eye and her family. The remaining members of her clan broke into small groups and left the destroyed village, none wanting anything to do with their failed goddess. With her head held high, she decided that from that day forth, she would travel to become strong enough to rebuild her clan's village and restore peace amongst the other clans

-Post Example-

While running, Amaryllis spots the walls of the compound. Reaching it, she notices that the gate is closed. Slowing her run, she starts to walk. 'This can't be the end.' Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a figured dressed in the shadows. Turning towards the figure, she hears him say a word and then a loud explosion comes from the way the lion was chasing her. Nothing was left of the lion as the flames started to fade to nothingness.

Turning back towards the figure, Amaryllis notices that it is a man, a man that closely resembles a wolf, but he was not like her where she only had the blood of a wolf. No. His eye's flashed a dangerous color of yellow before Amaryllis heard a males voice in her head. Hello Amaryllis Amaryllis was shocked. It's no use running any further I will be your final opponent and I smell that you are of wolf blood. You can hide nothing from me your thoughts are an open book

Amaryllis grabbed her head as if it was paining her. Her eye's closed as she winced in pain. Hearing a low whistle, she opened her eyes and saw that several wolves came from the forest and had started to surround her and the man. When ever you are ready, make your move The man got into a fighting stance.

Amaryllis let her head go, the pain was still there from the conversation, but she had to try something to prevent this fight from happening. Pulling out her sword with her broken, yet poorly functioning hand, she put it in front of her. The sword was not steady, but her left hand was her dominate one and that is the one she had trained to handle a sword.

Breathing heavily, she yelled out to the man "Why must we fight?" Her breathing got heavier "In a way, we have a relation. Killing one of the same blood would be pointless, and it is already clear that this a wining match for you, with me like a book. Trying as hard as she could to stay conscious, she awaited the pain to come back to her head as he would most likely communicate in that manner again.

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