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"And between today and tomorrow, the consequences of my actions will no longer be erasable. That is the proof that I am alive."

Assigned Name: R
Gender: Female
Age: 2 (Product manufactured date)
Agency: Q
Co-worker: Z
Employer: "Must you be so obvious?"

Model: Twin Mod
Note: Other Twin has died due to an undisclosed accident.
Status: Active

Occupation: Informant / Escort
Inherited Title: R

Theme: Stabat Mater | Freak


In this new world, what is the value of human life?

The human race has far surpassed their capabilities, proving themselves to be more intelligent, more ruthless, and much more inhumane than anyone had expected them to be. In a new age where science is their God and religion, the human race falls into order and classes, divided and subdivided and divided again, the value of human lives dissected beneath a scalpel, stripped to the bare bones of what makes a living creature. From the first wail of a newborn, some by natural birth and some not, the value of such a cheap, easily re-created thing lies in their genes. It is replicated in their DNA, in every single cell of their body that speaks the same thing—our blood is now our resume, our passport.

The price of our lives.

Still, it is a fact that civilians have it easy. The mundanes who roam the streets of a completely natural birth, the humans who have gone through some modifications, the elites who by their resume of blood rise to the top of the competition. The reaches of the government only goes so far, and some secrets, it keeps for itself.

It isn't picking out the genes and characteristics for your baby in the clinic. It isn't eliminating all other competition until you get the one fertilized egg that has the edge to compete with the others as your newborn.

This, this is dictating and planning, slicing open cells and genes and trimming away all else to the point they are inhumane.

This is taking a baby's life away and twisting it into an unrecognizable shape.

To eliminate probabilities, to only keep and enhance what is needed and required.

Of the hundreds that are brought into the programme, only one of each class will survive to inherit the title. Of all of them, Twins remain the rarest—the near indestructible, most identical and compatible pair that survive the programme each year. Some years, none survive at all, and are sent to the broiler to be made into food, to be fed to the others in the programme. An inexpensive and practical solution.

It is biology that dictates the winner. Through luck, through persistence and tenacity—you may say that the rest had it coming. Not that they were really alive in the first place. Created by science, and destroyed my science, a rather apt ending for your fellow classmates.

You should be glad. You are a winner, after all.

Happy birthday, R.

Welcome to the Nation. This is your world now

▌█ ▌

System Message: R, I have been emotionally compromised. To be emotionally compromised is to be a liability, and the system does not allow for flaws. You know that they will not allow for mistakes to live long. You are my biggest mistake.

▌█ ▌║▌│█│

✚ Twins and mods commissioned by the government are not considered humans and lack certain rights. They are, however, highly protected, because of their status. Although modifications are now a common thing, nothing comes close to a government commissioned mod, and none as close to Twins, which are rare.

✚ Candidates are classed as a whole when they do not belong to any specific Class or System. They will then be put through a series of tests, and then finally separated into classes, and then system.

✚ Failures will be recycled.

✚ Modifications are specific to Title. ( Rs are modified to be able to receive and to process a large volume of information at high speed etc. )

✚ Auto-elimination can be achieved when a certain threshold is exceeded.

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"That I, of sound body and independent mind... "