Let sing again! xd

I remember those day without you with me,
I`m crying alone and making a noise,
I gonna give up here and will not move.
Cause my heart is broken down,

I'm tried to fly, but my wing broken down,
I'm tried to smile, but end up been laugh,
I'm tried to sing, and end up been throw around.
and I`m stand in this little feet of mine.
I'm start to running trough this door.
And start to scream out loud.

I jump from this desk and start to laugh out more.
I shout from this hall and grab my dream and sing along.
I smiled with joy and start to walk from this stage to this chair.
This little feet of mine, I`m proud of it.

The time have come,
Don`t care who you are,
Even the criminals have it dreams,
A dreams that cannot be seen.
We stand on this mountain,
And try so hard to live.
But maybe once a day
We will think to fly and free.

And then thats when I realize,
That my heart is missing the pieces.
I want to be the one to be,
The greatest in history. smile