Well, this is being done rather late. I was sleepy all day long even though I got plenty of sleep. I kept falling back asleep. Perhaps I am over tired? Or just having a lazy sort of day? Meh.

Last week I mentioned a inspection, and I think it went over well-ish. I had to tell the truth about any problems in the house and one of those problems was bugs. I told the inspecter that we put out bait and spray to deal with it, but it still isn't good on our part. I hope they are understanding about it and won't kick us out on that alone. There are also a few other issues with the building, but since they are maintenance issues the building owners are supposed to deal with such things. Last time they had to fix something it took a month of constantly calling them for anything to get done. I won't hold my breath this time around. Oh and the window that was broken? My room mate was able to fix it before the inspection. THe night before to be exact. Still, its fixed and he didn't have to fork over a hundred buck to a guy to have it fixed. Since he fixed it himself, it only cost the amount for the glass and cauk, which was less than half of what it would have cost other wise.

Everything that happened in the past week made me feel guilty about getting the ps3 in the first place. If we hadn't gotten it we would have had more money and an easier time of cleaning the house and fixing the window. There is no way I could have predicted the things that happened, but still, it is my fault we had less money confused

The other thing I mentioned was that I worry about things every week. I do have soemthing that worries me every week, I just don't always mention it. Sometimes those things are personal and I choose not to talk about them, sometimes I just don't think them worth mentioning. Either way, this journal still helps keep my stress levels down a little bit no matter what I choose to write about.

Lastly, the video games I've been playing! I've continued playing the first god of war game, and the story is still idiotic at times. If they wanted to make a game about combat why didn't they just do that? Skip the storyplot all together and make it a straight run through levels and make it a fight stuff sort of game? Or at least make the story overly simple like the mario games. It makes my brain hurt sometimes. Anywho, the other games I've played are Journey, Flower, and flOw. I like Flower the best. The music is lovely and the game play itself is relaxing. No enemies to worry about, no time limit to complete a level in, just fly around and collect petals. I like it a lot. The second best to me was Journey. It was a beautiful game visually and the game play was fun, but something is missing that i can't quite put my finger on. I did not play it in multiplayer mode, so I'm not sure if that is the something that is missing. From everything I've heard about the game, I was expecting a more emotional connection to things, but I got ziltch out of it. I get the story, I get what happened to the civilization, I just am not emotionally attached to it in any way. And the entire idea of starting over from the beginning seems like some sort of punishment. See, theres this ancient greek or roman story of a guy who did something and was punished by the gods by having to push a boulder up a hill, Only every time he got the boulder to the top, it would roll right back down again and he'd have to start all over again. Thats what I see when I see the credits roll on Journey and watch the little spark thingy go back to the beginning. Only I don't know what this character did wrong in the first place so I'm confused to no end. I've got a couple of other theories about it, but for the most part I see a torturous punishment for an unknown bad deed stare I'm working on writing out everything that is shown so I can organize my thoughts better about it. Perhaps I will include it on another journal entry in the future. Finally, the game flOw, I find to be odd. Its controls are weird as hell and they frustrate me sometimes. I'm very confused as to why this game got an award. It just doesn't make any sense to me. There is no story, the visuals are simple (there is nothing bad about being simple, but to get an award I would expect something more), the music is not memorable and the gameplay is okay at best. What the hell did anyone see in this thing? If I didn't shave my head during the summer I might have ripped my hair out trying to figure it out. Actually, come to think of it, why did any of these games get awards? I like Flower and Journey, but deserving of an award? I cannot say I see why. Pretty does not make a game fantastic. Music does not make a game fantastic. Simple, interpret it yourself storyline does not make a game fantastic. It is a combination of several things working together within the game that make it great or awful, and I just don't see it in any of these games. I've never actually seen it in any game because every game has its issues. Maybe the judges for the award were bought off or maybe they saw something I just don't. Meh. Whatever.