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Book of Nero
This is my journal. I am Nero! c:
The Cat-Smile Insomniac
There is a place where the cloaked and veiled giraffes run through the candy trees of the field of Walrus. Many were deceived into thinking Walrus was a sea creature, but it was secretly a hidden land where the long tongued cat lizards roamed through the cities and oceans of the candy giraffes. They clashed for the longest time, but then the Insomniac, with his three smile, he ran through the land's soft cotton grasses on bare foot, running through the fields of lizards and giraffes. With a smile on his face, he ran through the city rain, with it's rain and its water, which smelled of oranges and gasoline... but the Insomniac, with the smile of a mischievous cat at play, he climbed the glass of the city, which was actually sugary tasting ice, and declared that the rain would no longer splash upon the Cold City of Sugar Glass, but it would instead fill his rainbow heart and freeze through his oceanic veins. The rain filled his soul little by little, as he drank from the sky, and the rain became silver which stained and shined upon the surface, which grew into fields and fields of bubbly glass and ice.
The grass and rain and cookies of the land all became fire, which melted and swirled the entire universe into a giant glass bubble... the Insomniac was at its center, still drinking away at the oceanic silver, which he thought was rain. The glass bubble then broke, as the inner space was flooded with stars, which the Insomniac was then forced to drink along with the rain. After drinking up all the stars, there was no night any longer, and the sun shone brightly upon the shining gloss of the world's vanilla zebra herds, which grazed upon the chocolate wheat, which they used to bake vanilla zebra bread loaves, which were used as currency and a delicious delicacy among the honey lemurs and vanilla zebras of the Syrup Savannah.
Later, the strawberry raccoons ran and ran through the sweet and syrupy remains of the Cold City of Sugar Glass, but a few of them were almost tempted to drink of the sacred walls of the city, that were now a gleaming puddle of deliciousness. This, however, was a horrible crime in which the Masked Wallaby had warned the people of the Peppermint Candy Forest, on the continent of Lemon Pancakes. The Insomniac drank and drank, the oceanwater-like silver, and the glowing stars of the soda universe, until he could drink them in no more... he collapsed, falling from the air, as he was caught by a bed of strawberry raccoons... but, even in the end of all the sugary hype he had ingested into his body, the Insomniac could not sleep. He was carried with the strawberry raccoons, who took him to the Dream River, where dreams literally burst into shimmering dewdrops and flowed through the diamonds and brilliant stones of the End Forest. The Insomniac muttered weakly to the strawberry raccoons, who nipped at his cheeks, worrying for his health. He asked them the leave the lemony shades by his bed open, just a peek, so that the razor moonlight could shine upon his sleeping face, just a bit, and lull him to sleep while the strawberry raccoons drank away at the dewdrops of the thoughts of the awake. They rested him on his back, as they all sat around him, on the clouds, and they drank the dewdrops of the thoughts of the awake, and mixed them with desert limes and sweet cream... they all shared candy and sweets as an entire pink and white forest, scented like vanilla bloomed up around the Insomniac's bed... even through this, he could not sleep. Instead, he stayed up, sharing treats with the strawberry raccons, but he was too shy to join in with their song.
The Insomniac, now sitting on a soft bed of lavender, his belly full of sweet thoughts and dream candies, he closed his eyes with the warm fur of the strawberry raccoons snugly pressed to his tired eyes... and the Insomniac fell into a soft sleep, as he dreamed of living in a world made of pure imagination, where flower petals shimmering with raindrops fell from the sky into a pond made of dripping glass... when the world turned upside town, it rained soft, cool drops of glass over the entire forest of flowers and pink palm trees that gave off an aroma that was scented like vanilla. He lay on his back, in a bed of lavender, with strawberry raccoons surrounding him, as the soft chime of bells made from sugar glass kept his sleep unbroken, all throughout the day... for, he would arise to sense the scent of lemon and strawberries and vanilla, and he would once again travel to the Cold City of Sugar Glass... and a never ending forest of color and thoughts would bloom so high up in the air, the shining moon would be a small ornament tangled up in it's beautiful growth. The strawberry raccoons and the Insomniac, whose mischievous smile had returned, climbed the amazing growth, where they would live in pure happiness forever, on the gentle blue surface of the moon.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Jun 16, 2013 @ 03:49pm
Very nice... ^^ I like this...

commentCommented on: Tue Jun 18, 2013 @ 04:47am
So much candy... now I have a stomach ache DX

Perpetual Indifference
Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Jun 18, 2013 @ 03:31pm
Amazing! I can tell you will be a very successful writer! I love this so much...great imagery so imaginative too! so many things to this make it awesome! you did an astounding job!! ^^ *smiles*

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