An hour later Rose was shivering a ton of blankets wrapped around her. It was cold for late september and the water was even colder,but Hypotermia was not really an issue so much as shock. Denton had decided it was best to call Melissa MaCall,in on this one. She was pokeing and prodding and eventualy a frustrated Rose snapped. "Im fine OK!" Melissa seemed a bit taken back but Scotts mom simply nodded. Rose sighed, "Im sorry, I did not mean to snap" the mother smiled. "Its alright,my sons a werewolf,so full moons I get a bit of a hateful earful on a bad month" she said softly. Scott made a sound of protest. Derek was running his hand along the back of Rose's neck. "Its incredible, most people who don't have heart beat for over 3 minuets they just don't ever have one again,but you obviously do and with minimual if any long lasting effects" Rose shrugged. "Lucky I guess" she said bitterly. Peter snorted in the corner, "Ha,lucky, if the stories I hear or true luck is not on your side, miss" Rose rolled her eyes glad the tremors had stopped. "Rest,water,heat, food, thats what you need and Im assumeing you'll be well taken care of. I hate to run but I have a midnight shift at the hospital, Scott has my number if you need anything" She nodded to Derek as she left.

Denton began the run over on vampires.
"There incredibly fast,much faster than Werewolves but not as strong. The bite of one wont turn a human, but it can make a werewolf sick if not worse, though the same goes for a werewolf bite to a vampires." he began. "Sunlight will burn there skin slowly,but it will immiedtly weakn them, most vampires are nagotiable but some turn off humanity and it creats a blood thirsty madness that eareses all good emotions. These kinds will like to playy mind games. A covon is rare to be more than 5 to 8, mainly becuse they are primarly solitary creatures. Silver does effect vampires much like wolfsbane would a werewolf. The plant called vervaine also is posioness to them. It can keep them out of your head. The myth of them being unable to enter a private place without being invited is true. There blood has healing properties but if one is killed with it in there system they become a vampires, ill do some research to see what else there is to know" the explination was to the point before he left.

"Of all the things, Vampires" mutterd Stiles. Rose just nodded in agreemnt. The entire pack was gravitating toward her. They had felt the bond to her almost vanish before she was brought back to life it terrified them. "Alright,your guys worry is driving me inside, pick a room that is not mine and go sleep, we'll figure things out in the morning OK?" Derek had no objections to her ordering the pack. Only he and Issac were left with the girl sitting on the counter. Rose no longer that cold shed the blankets and jumped off. She wnet over and hugged the puppy like werewolf. "I know that crate reminded you of some really scary stuff" he whinped softly and burried his nose into her neck. Takeing in every inch of her scent was soothing for him. "Take a shower Derek your the only one who still smells like fish and dead stuff" Rose said, it was a hint to leave her to teh pup for a bit. "Come on" she said and led the boy to her room.

The werewolf was curled into her as she stroked the mop of blonde curls. "You ganna talk about it" she said. A simple whine came from him. "OK,Ill start, everytime I hear what...that man did to you, it break's my heart but experince apart of that I cant imagine haveing to feel that all the time." Issacs soft blue eyes looked at hers. "It was a bit bigger than the freezer,but it looked just like it,seeing you in it not moving it was the singal most terrifying thing of my life" Rose smiled sadly. "Im sorry i scared you pup" he gave a noise that had almost no heat at being called pup. She chuckled," but you know what happend was not your fault not then to you and not now to me" Issac shifted. "I mean it and don't you think diffrent" Derek was stanidning at the door,issac took that as he pried himself relcutently from the grils grip. As he left down the hall to his room. Derek sat on the edge of teh bed as Rose curled into the blankets.

"You really are pack Mom" he said a small smile. Rose shrugged, "There kids in every sense of the word there kids who are scared, and just want some one who will love them no matter what" she looked at Derek. "Even though I know you will, as there Alpha you'll always take care of them,keep them in line in away no on else can. But your also kind of growly and certain things they just need someone whose more intune to there emotions..who better than an empath right?" Derek had maneuvered her to be laying down on his chest with him sprawed out legs crossed. "I know,but your still young to" Rose nuzzled him. "I guess,but mabey in a diffrent sense" Derek gave a snort. "Yeah you have what is known as maturity" Rose sighed and shrugged, "I had to,ya know it just ended up that way, I had to be grow up" Derek kissed the top of her head muttering softly. Rose eyes felt heavier and heavier but she fought sleep. He soothed her though in the only way he could with a touch uncharacteristically soft. And Rose was pulled into oblivion.