Alright journal it's been a while...
i hitchhiked to British Colombia with Cijai. It took two weeks and 14 rides because we stayed a week in Saskatoon with our new friend Paul. He is the one that picked us up outside of Sault Ste Marie and ended up driving us all the way to Kelowna. That's one hell of a decent ride. We crossed five provinces with him and now he is our good friend. In fact he will be driving to B.C. with his son this week and hopefully we will get a chance to hang out with him again.
This country is amazing and seeing it at ground level is wonderful. It was still awful chilly on our way here though. Sleeping under bridges along the way was a trifle uncomfortable. There was snow on the ground until we made it to Kelowna then the climate seemed to change.
O.k., more later. Ciao for now.