My body is getting really sore and hot.
I keep sleeping only to wake up to pain.
At least I'm sleeping now.
I have always been a firm believer in sleep bringing release.
I haven't had a panic attack.
I have been hallucinating a bit but it's nothing serious.
I still vomit.
I started eating though, I can eat without it coming right back up.
At least for awhile anyway.
My mind is filled with dreams, and less of reality.
This might be a bad thing.
It might be a sign of me mixing reality and my subconscious.
Is it bad that I don't care?
Reality isn't better than a dream.
There are only a few dreams I wish I didn't have.
I don't like being tortured.
I don't like being alone in the dark.
I don't like dying in front of Alejandra.
The things my mind come up with.
It's as if my mind is trying its best to break me.
Now it sounds like I have split personalities.
I wouldn't be surprised.
An hour has passed already that went by quickly.
Time has always been meaningless to me minus a few occasions.
I'm tired...
I'm lonely...
I'm sick..
It's almost Monday again...
f*cking cancer....
I have to learn how to say no.