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i kind of want to start a role play...not just the regular grab-yer-partner-and-go kind of role play. like...an actual public thing where people join and junk. but i have such bad luck with these things in the past.

usually how it works: i come up with an awesome idea = no one joins (maybe one or two people..)
the alternative: i come up with some half-assed idea = everyone wants in ("wtf, man?" wink

seriously...not trying to bash current role plays now, but there are some out now with ideas that i'm sure we've all seen over and over again...yet they have like...50 members or whatever. then, i see some pretty bangin' (can't believe i just used that word...) ideas displayed for everyone to take part in and...three or four people are just loitering about.
eh, what can you do...

anyways...my idea isn't too thought out anyways. it's actually a pretty old plot my buddy and idea came up with a few of years ago when she was more active on this site.... (¬_¬" wink
it was just a simple opener...but i found the old file just now and i just ( ̄▼ ̄)

“For as long as the world can remember, there has only ever been one of us in existence at a time. We keep detailed records of our “reign” for the next in line – our version of the heirloom. And then, armed with this knowledge of their predecessor, the next generation begins a solitary life of prosperity and mystification. It should be noted that the entirety of their life will not be spent alone, however. A great portion of it will be spent in the hands of a long generation of loyal guardians who have been elected to ensure the rarest of treasures does not die out. They are – will be – the only existing family our kind will ever know. It will be in their hands that all of us shall pass into this world and the next and back once again, as we have since their firstborn was living.
“But beware the world beyond your own, child. It is a hastily changing world, restless and shallow and condemned. Explore it if you wish, but you would do well to keep a reasonable distance…for once it has captured something so untamed, it will never abandon the inevitable pursuit that follows. And if you are found, you will be lost to our friends…our family. You will be exposed, and then buried as another legend, another fairytale. I mean this literally and figuratively, my child. Just as the world is a predator itself, there are predators within it that have always sought our destruction. They will always exist, so as long as any pure power does. . .
“You are the sole survivor of our kind in your present reality. Memories and dreams you may inherit, timeless stories you will hear. You are the one, and the only..."

so anyway, there's the basis for everything. the idea was that the story revolves around this girl who is pretty much the last of her species. she's a Phoenix who's had very many past lives (we tried to follow the myth as best we could). her mother (which we figured could be her, just in another form) left her a journal of sorts that has very many entries throughout the woman's lifetime (an autobiography, but could also be technically a biography). there is an entire library full of these autobiographies, some dating back hundreds of years. the girl lives on some old land in the "family name" and is taken care of by a "familiar", mentioned in the entry above as the 'loyal guardian' (we really didn't work on them that much and we just left it at that).
the main story is: the girl starts having these weird dreams about someone calling for help. they become louder the more exhausted she is (and she does grow increasingly tired when the dreams scare her) and show a string of violent images of murder and absolute hysteria. the voice itself is male, which confuses the girl. she reads through past journals but finds nothing relating to her current dilemma. even her familiar is puzzled, but assures her that it's probably nothing. then one particular night, she is given a sedative to ensure that she sleeps enough to function properly in the morning. this is when the dream's vividness almost suffocates her. she can hear the other's voice clearly though, and she is given a message: "You are not alone... Please...help me..."
this gives way to a major turn of events. she discovers that what the male told her was true and that she really wasn't alone. as it turns out, there has also been a long line of males who have lived similar lives. however, they have never made contact with the females because they feared detection (to hunters of some sort...this wasn't really established either). but now that the current male is close to being found, he is asking for the girl's help.
pretty much, it goes on from there. the girl's familiar urges her not to because they care so much about her, but the girl is torn. she's hurt because none of her ancestors had told her about the others, but she's also fearful of what might follow if she does help him.
annnnnnd...that's about it.
ugh, long post.
but hey, at least i got everything down....
i might just try to start a role play with this idea...somehow.
we'll see...
φ(。_。; )

...link because i'm lazy...
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