It was getting so dark so quickly. Why? Only one more hour of that in between stage, it's all she asked for. Though hoping wouldn't do anything. It had been a gloomy, cloudy day, and so it was going to reach the darkness of nighttime with no light in the sky to oppose it.

Kate tapped the steering wheel nervously, the faint sound of music playing in the truck the background noise that calmed her much more than the sound of the truck could. She was still a few hours away from home, and it looked as though a storm was soon to come.

Just another thing she didn't need.

Kate had long since rolled her window up and slipped on a sweater now that it was cooling off, the sweater seemingly providing a bit more comfort for her as she drove through the countryside. For reasons unknown to her, a sense of unease had settled over her. She shifted uncomfortably on her seat, her jeans rubbing against the seat and making a bit of noise in the process. Out of instinct, she pressed one of her dusty skate shoes down a bit harder, stepping on the gas and speeding up her truck.

Every fiber of her being was telling her she needed to get home, and soon. It was as she was speeding up that she hit an old pothole in the road, an audible 'blam' sounding from the front of her truck. Kate knew all too well that she'd blown a tire. Pulling over to the side of the road, she hopped out and went to check the damage. Sure enough, it was her front right tire. "Son of a-" She muttered under her breath, heading to the bed of the truck to get the spare, only to take notice that it wasn't there.

A groan sounded from her as she didn't have a tire to change the damaged one out with, nor did she have a means of contacting anyone for help. With a sigh, she moved to the passenger side and leaned in, shutting off the engine and taking her keys out. She shut and locked the door, tucking the keys into her pocket and starting off down the road.

It was a while that passed, how long she wasn't quite sure, until she reached an old looking house. Her intentions were to use someone's phone and get a tow truck out there as soon as possible, hopefully before the inevitable storm started. Kate approached the front door of the home, raising her hand in a fist and knocking on the door.

((Can pretty much go any which way with this. Horror, you name it.))