today i went to atlantic city with my grandparents and my sister and it was actually pretty fun. like a typical tourist i got a hoodie that says atlantic city, new jersey. its pretty official man. originally i had ordered a lighter watch for brandon from deal extreme for his birthday that is coming up in exactly 7 days (a week) but the website said it could take 7-10 days alone to ship and i ordered it last thursday so i have no idea if ill be receiving it in time considering its coming from chinaaa. so i bought brandon a multi tool today so that ill have something nice to give him on his actual birthday. i think its incredible especially for someone like brandon who is obsessed with tools and knives and junk but he'll probably belittle it and tell me he already has multi tools. which is what i constantly worry about. which is why i spoiled his other part of the present too. to see if he would like it. i painted him a nyan cat flying through the galaxy pooping out rainbows on a canvas with acrylic paint. and just to be sure he liked it and would appreciate it and want it i showed it to him early, and it turns out he very much likes it and said that even if it was a little girly it was cute and sweet of me and he likes it. but so i have that for him and this cool multi tool (did i mention this multi tool was 2 for 10 and that i have one too now and that it has a detachable flashlight and i really like it myself so im glad i got two) and eventually the lighter watch thing he was really excited will come in the mail, even if i have to give it to him late. and i obviously need to make him a card, which i know he really likes pokemon so i was thinking i could like draw a charizard on the front and then write a really cute heartfelt message, that will probably make him uncomfortable because boys hate feelings, on the inside. wow this was supposed to be about what happened in atlantic city today and it turned into a story about brandons birthday present. back to what happened today... today this gay couple asked us (my family) to take a picture of them and its not that we oppose gay people because i constantly preach about gay rights, because basically it should be a human right.. but anyway my grandparents hate taking pictures for other people but they were so cute and they wanted a picture and i was like omg you have to and so that put my poppop in a real bad mood and i was like what the heck poppop it was just a picture and it took thirty seconds. yeah it was weird. and so later on we're gift shopping and i come across colored contacts in one of the tshirt stores and wow were they cool but i couldnt afford them so i passed on them but my poppop and i were questioning the cashier when i get bored and the cashier loses my attention and i look around for my sister and mommom and i cant find them anywhere so the guy stops mid-sentence and he's like oh theyre in the shop next door and he continues talking about the contacts and im like thanks bye. so i rush over to the other shop with my poppop and we find this guy kind of trying to push a tshirt on them, he's being pretty rude and i can tell at this point that my sister has changed her mind because he's being pretty rude and pushy and i whisper to my poppop "this guy is being so rude and disrespectful" and the shirt looks too small and he just printed it up because he wanted to push it on them but they didnt ask for it and didnt want it and so he's trying to force this tshirt on them and theyre like well can she at least try it on and the guy gets very rude and my poppop finally cracks and starts yelling at him how like he has an attitude and he ran over and printed that tshirt so he could force it on them and that was rude and he shouldnt be treating customers like that and this b***h goes "sir i do not have a problem you are having the attitude with me" and this drives my poppop bonkers and he turns to my grandma and says come on gail if he is going to have an attitude with us we're not buying this shirt here. lets go. so we're on our way out and this guy is chasing us down yelling "YOU HAVE TO PAY NOW SIR" and we just stare and him and im almost ready to scream at him but my poppop took care of it and he's like NO YOU PRINTED UP THE SHIRT AND WE DIDNT WANT IT SO WE DONT OWE YOU ANY MONEY BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT GIVING US THAT SHIRT SO IM NOT PAYING YOU FOR PUTTING A DECAL ON A SHIRT. and we leave so that was nice and yeah it was kind of embarassing but that guy made me pretty mad. also there was this haunted house kind of thing and they had a mechanical coffin and they were putting people in it and closing it and pretending to bury them and i think i would have s**t myself that is not ok i would have cried how can something that horrifying even be legal? so i walk around the store front and i see this panel in the ceiling missing and this sign says "rare white bat" and im like hmm a rubber bat i wanna see bc obviously its not a real bat... well i walk underneath the panel and look up to see it and wouldnt you know its not even a bat the animal its a ******** baseball bat. i was like well ******** played. you win this time. there was also a fortune machine and i swear i almost bought into it for a dollar but i was like no i need to conserve money lol. as we were walking the board walk i saw this adorable bikini. oh how i wanted that bikini. it was a wonder woman bikini. it had underwire and padding which is good for my boobs and i hate when you can see n** through regular bathing suit so it would be perf. its red with a metallic gold tie low scoop neck line. the bottoms are even better. they are blue with white stars all over them. and i dont like my butt cheeks hanging out for everyone to see i like a little privacy and good coverage and these honestly do just that. theyre like little short shorts which is just right for a bathing suit. the best part is, both top and bottom for about thirty bucks. but i am 13 dollars short and so i didnt get it. but i want it so bad. its cheaper than going into victorias secret to get the one ive been dying to have for over thirty for the top and another seperate thirty for the bottom that wont even cover enough cheek. so yeah i really wish i could have gotten it. also i found this phone case i want it omg i do but it was 25 and im like ******** that way too much for a phone case lol. i walked through a casino and im under 21 i did something illegal and bad. omg. lololol. yeah i think its a dumb rule but i have no money to gamble so it looks like it doesnt matter hahahaha. today in atlantic city there was a sand sculpting world wide championship going on and it was actually very neato. there were sculptors from all over the world, belguim, russia, india etc there competing. and they were actually sculpting some awesome s**t. wish you could have been there. ahhaa. my grandparents said we're going to rehobeth too some time but we're actually going to rent a hotel room and stay for a little while and actually spend some time on the beach and in the water its going to be real cool c: and also we may go rafting soon im very excited for that. and the best part is since i have my time of the month now, when we go like next weekend or the weekend after ill be period free and carefree and i can jump off the raft into the river when the water is slow moving and i can walk around without blood dripping down my leg and i dont have to worry about carrying tampons and pads that will get soaked and not hold any blood. i know this part just got totally graphic and disgusting so im sorry i will get back to the matter at hand. im excited for all the things we're going to do this summer. i hope i get to go to the beach with brandon. i still have this kind of fear of the ocean after what happened to me when i was younger and he makes me feel safe and sound and he helps me conquer it and i can actually get in the water for a little while with him around and it feels comfortable and not alien like. we facetimed for a little bit tonight and i told him a little bit about everything because we haven't hung out since about last monday. and he is having an early birthday party tomorrow that im technically not invited to because it is an airsoft war and obviously its going to be no fun with me there so i cant hang out with him tomorrow but im hoping soon because i miss him and i wanted to tell him everything but he wanted to get rest for his party tomorrow so im kind of a sad panda right now because i cant exactly sleep right now. the birds in atlantic city, those dirty seagulls, they pooped on my mommom today. and for the rest of the day i was pretty paranoid they would get me. luckily they didnt but i was sure as heck worried. they are ballsy birds. theyre not afraid to dive bomb you. some of them almost flew right into me lol. we ate at margaritaville and i have got to say 0/10 would not do that again. i got chicken fajitas because i was not looking to bankrupt my poppop because obviously i wasnt the one paying for dinner. and we all got sodas too which apparently were more than 3 dollars a piece. it was wild. it was like 60 some dollars to eat there and my food sucked. but this girl who worked there had stilts on. she was making balloon animals. it was bad. a**. anyway my chicken was dry and flavorless and the rice was weird... it was bad. i was sad. it rained for a little today but we were so lucky it cleared up fast so we didnt have to rush home or hide in shops to keep dry. i got those fancy carbonated soft drinks that are like some type of asian something. its strawberry and its so gooooood. i love it. c: im glad i got it. i also got candy cigarettes which used to be my favorite candy. but ill telll you something, theyre not the same as they used to be and i miss how they used to literally melt away in your mouth and they dont do that anymore its like they got cheap. sell outs. oh today we rode the ferris wheel and the view was pretty great we go to see the whole beach and the board walk. i liked it. we almost went for a helicopter ride but luckily it was so expensive and it had begun to drizzle because i am terrified of heights and i may have puked being that high up for even just three minutes lol. the ride there and back was so long like probably three hours. it was horrible. when we arrived we parked in the parking garage on the fifth level. there was a car next to ours, with three italian greyhounds just chilling out in it. their owner wasnt there they were just suffocating in the hot car. i felt bad. luckily it cooled off when the rain started and the car was gone when he came back so hopefully those poor doggies werent there that long. also when we went to go back to the car to leave, we couldnt find it because a big car had parked in front of it and we couldnt see it from our view in the elevator which caused like four or five minutes of panic because we though the car had been stolen. well mainly i thought that. due to the fact i thought we parked on the fourth floor but my poppop went up the fifth floor and looked around and found our car and it was great we made it out alive. and the lights surround atlantic city and philly were soo pretty. today was awesome its so late im so tired i cant even think of what else happened. im going to sleep once i take out my contacts. night night.