The boy sat on the bench that stood right on his porch. The sky was already dark with the rolling clouds letting their water spill down to the earth. The sky was darker now as he played his guitar. The stars would begin shining upon his sound if the clouds parted.
The boy didn't mind at all that no stars shined down on him. He saw the rain as the motivation to express himself. The sound of rain soothed him as well as release his creativity. As he played his creativity poured into the air. His simple melody expressed his love for the rain. It's nostalgic and relaxing sounds could make anyone want to dance or even just lay down in the rain. It was the sound of the rain that taught him this melody.
The pure music from the sky poured down on the boy as he stood from the bench and began to walk down his street. He smiled as he continued to play. Strangers and neighbors walking down the street stared at him. Some found it strange a young man to be walking in the rain with just jeans and a t-shirt while playing a beautiful tune on his guitar. Others smiled with him, it was quite contagious for the rain opened other peoples hearts to express themselves as well as the boys.
He sang no words bu the message was conveyed. Today is a dark and rainy day, another perfect day to be yourself. The perfect day for a walk in the rain. The perfect day to connect with others without having to speak with them.
After walking around his small neighborhood and town, he dried off his guitar and put it back in its case. He walked back home, no words said. His smile simple but content. People stared as he walked away.
"What a strange boy." a woman perhaps in her middle age spoke aloud from across the road.
"I think what he does is wonderful." a short girl mumbled under her breath, the daughter of the middle aged woman. The girl didn't know exactly why but form seeing the young mans performance she felt inspired. She felt she needed to express herself as well. Maybe, just maybe she can make another person feel just the way she does now.

The next couple of days it didn't rain. No music, no young man walking about the town. The girl looked all around town, no sign of him anywhere.
The next day it rained. The girl knew she had to do something. She must not just sit at home and waste the day staring at the rain. She didn't have a guitar. But the girl did have a violin. It was the middle of the day and in the middle of her room she began to play. The sound was unorganized as she began the warm up. She stopped and opened the window listening closely to the rain.

The girl smiled to herself as she walked out her front door playing her melody while the rain poured down on her. She played as loud as she could hopefully reaching the young man. People stared at her, just as they stared at the boy. She told herself to ignore them and to keep smiling. Some of the stares were annoyed or unhappy with her interrupting noise.
She didn't care, she was expressing herself the best she could. The violin wailed a beautiful song of hope and happiness. Some of the strangers stared in awe of the sound the was filling the air. The violin enhanced the rain helping translate the message that the rain concealed. This isn't just a normal dark rainy day, this is a beautiful shining rainy day.

The young boy sat in his porch again, his guitar sitting right next to him in its case. Today he just sat watching the rain then sighed. Today he felt tired. He had a perfect amount of sleep and did nothing today yet to drain his energy, but he still felt tired. He stared at the rain soaked road feeling.. what did he feel? Was he lonely? Sad? Angry? He didn't know. Unmotivated was the only word he could think of, he supposed. He closed his eyes listening to the rain. The beautiful drops filled his heart when suddenly a soft quiet whisper filled the rain. It was the sound that the rain had taught him to play the other day, but much more clear then before. It sounded like a violin this time. The boy lifted his head sitting straight eyes still closed as if trying to measure where the sound was coming from. He could feel the distance. He didn't know what to do about it. Was the rain just louder today? Was someone out there playing the song?
The boy took out his guitar. Maybe he could communicate with the sound somehow. He began to play the melody of the rain, this time as loud as he could.

The girl was in the middle of the neighborhood when she heard it. The sweet soothing sound of the guitar. She stopped playing for a moment as she listened and turned to the direction the guitar was coming from. Once the guitar stopped playing, she began to play as loud as she could. The girl didn't even notice how hard it was raining. Her sun dress was drenched and starting to cling to her, but she didn't care. Her heart pounded to the beat of the song as the guitar and violin played together, yet far apart.
The boy was sure of it now. He walked down his street playing the guitar. Their sound grew at each other as the boy walked to her. As she heard the sound grow, her heart began to beat faster. The girl didn't stop playing but she began to take a step back. She felt intimidated as the sound got louder and louder. What am I afraid of? she asked herself. She looked around, people were looking back at her as this was all going down. They too waited for the boy to show up. They stared at her, she stared back.
She gulped as her hands froze. The guitar continued to play as it approached. The boy realized the violin stopped, but continued to play anyway. He was smiling again. He felt proud of this person to take his unspoken advice to express themselves. He walked faster today and finally reached the center of the neighborhood. The girl was gone. No one with a violin was there. The boy stopped playing the guitar as his smile faded. The girl had fled.
She ran hugging onto her violin right into town. She knew she couldn't go back and face the boy with the guitar yet. That was extremely embarrassing. She was so glad to be out and expressing herself, but then getting scared and running away from him. What is wrong with me? she asked herself sighing at her failure. What a strange day. She looked up at the clouds as the rain kept pouring. The droplets smacking onto the pavement and streets. The girl stood just outside the neighborhood near a bus stop when she closed her eyes. She listened to the rain. Before she could focus on the melody, another sound interrupted her.
A child, perhaps the age of three or four, cried and screamed. The girl opened her eyes and looked to see what the fuss was about. A very young boy was running towards the bus station crying as hard as a young child could. The girl looked around to see if the boys' parent or guardian would show to console him, but no one was there. The boy was wearing a bright yellow raincoat. He was gasping for air as he wailed. The boy stopped at the bus stop and looked around.
Maybe he's lost, the girl thought to herself. She walked towards the boy, violin in hand. "H-hello.. uh are you lost?" The girl asked the boy. He looked up at her. His face was red and covered with rain and tears. He said nothing, only stared at her. She repeated the question. The boy began to talk, but she didn't know what he was saying. He spoke in french, a language she never took in school.
Must be terrifying, she thought, to be lost in a world that you couldn't understand filled with people speaking in words you don't understand and at such a young age.
The boy realized that she didn't understand him and he began to cry again. She sighed feeling bad not knowing what to do. She shivered finally realizing how cold she was. Then she got a great idea.
She lifted her violin and began to play. It was the song of the rain. Hopeful and happy as before. The boy turned to her again and sniffled under his tears. The girl closed her eyes and continued to play. The young boy stared as she played.

The young man with the guitar waited a few more minutes for someone to show up. He sighed confused. Did he imagine it? He closed his eyes to listen to the rain one more time. Still no violin. With another sigh, he turned around ready to head back home. Suddenly he heard the violin again. It wasn't too far away this time. He ran the direction it was coming from making his way into town. There she was. The girl in a soaked sun dress playing her violin at a young boy.
The young boy began to smile as she poured her creativity onto the violin strings. The young man stood up straight holding his guitar and slowly walked towards the girl. He began to play the melody his smile growing back onto his face. Both the girl and the young boy looked at him. The boy's smile brightened as the girl jumped her heart leaping in her chest. She stared at the young man as he continued to play.
It was just as beautiful as before. She began to play her violin again. Together the music filled the rain. People stopped and stared. The girl kept staring at the young man as he stared back at her. She gulped as her face grew red. Her nerves finally started to calm as she played. His smile spilled into her heart just as the rains melody had. The music they played expressed happiness, relaxation, hope, and beauty. The young boy had completely stopped crying by now.
A woman perhaps in her early thirties came running down the street yelling out in a language the girl didn't understand. "Jérémie!" The woman yelled. She followed the sound of the music hoping that her son would have followed it as well. The woman reached the bus stop spotting the boy in the yellow raincoat. She ran up to him and hugged him saying things quickly in french.
The boy and the girl still played their instruments expressing the sounds of the rain. The young boy and his mother finally reunited listened to the music soothed and happy now that their recent tragedies have been resolved thanks to the sound of the rain.
The music rang out in the town inspiring others just as the boy inspired her. The music communicated the sounds that the rain expressed. This translated in the emotions it gave. The sound of the rain wasn't just a simple nice tune that was relaxing or uplifting. But it was motivational. It expressed happiness and love.
Ah the sound of rain is so beautiful.