Once back in their room, Hikaru kissed his brother passionately as he leaned him back towards their bed. Kaoru layed back, wrapping his arms around the auburn boy's neck, pulling him deeper into their kiss. Hikaru pulled back, looking deep into the other's eyes. Kaoru's breath caught. Hikaru leaned back in and kissed his cheek gently before pulling back and looking towards the door. Kaoru propped himself up, following his brother's gaze. "What is it?" He whispered, afraid someone was at the door. Hikaru turned his head back and smiled brightly. "I have an idea."

Kaoru cocked his head to the side. "What?"
Hikaru placed his hand on his twin's head, ruffling his hair, before getting up and pulling some shorts on. With his hand on the brass door handle, he turned his head back to his brother who was now sitting up, watching him curiously. "Stay here." He then pulled the door open and slid out into the hall, closing the door softly behind him. Kaoru wrapped his hands around his knees, pulling them tighter against his chest as he continued staring at the door, waiting for Hikaru's return.

* * * * *

Hikaru burst back through the doorway carrying a tray piled high with fresh strawberries, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. He pushed his foot against the door, shutting it, before putting the tray on their nightstand. Kaoru's eyes widened as he realized what this was. "Hikaru! If you get that stuff on the bed, it'll ruin it and we'll be in trouble!" He hissed, narrowing his eyes. Hikaru turned to look at him. "It'll be ok. No one will even notice if we throw this comforter out."
Kaoru grabbed a pillow and smacked it against Hikaru's face. "You have terrible ideas!" Hikaru grabbed the pillow from him and threw it back on the bed. "Come on, It'll be fun." He smiled mischievously as he plucked a strawberry from the pile, crawling onto the bed. Kaoru's gaze softened. It was hard to say no to Hikaru when all he wanted was for him to be happy. "Ok..." He whispered reluctantly as Hikaru made his way closer. Hikaru pressed the strawberry to his twin's lips, smiling. Kaoru opened his mouth partly as Hikaru rubbed it against his lips before pushing it halfway in. He then leaned in, taking the other half in his mouth, their lips touching as he split it in half. Hikaru leaned back smiling as he chewed. After Kaoru swallowed, he licked his lips. "Want another?" Hikaru asked leaning in close. His breath hot on Kaoru's cheek. Before he could answer, Hikaru pushed another one into his twin's mouth. Kaoru blushed and closed his eyes as he ate it.