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Message in a bottle. If you see it floating in the water, please open it and hear me out.

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2006: First encounter with Gaia.
I heard and knew about Gaia when my friend during highschool invited me to join her in forums. Since, we've been jumping from one forum into another, I didn't decline her invitation.

Yes, it was February 2006 when I joined Gaia (not with this account, though). Since then, I've seen a lot of changes everytime I would return here in Gaia in different seasons and/or different time of the year.

I wasn't here for the 7 consecutive years (2006 - 2013). I become so inactive during the school days of 2008 - that's when I started college.. and I knew, I have to keep myself focused in studying; and that's what I did. I only log in here when I have spare time, or during summer / holiday vacations.

And I'm going to tell you a story of how it was, and how I was, during my early stay here in Gaia.

Earning Gaia golds is not a easy as how it is right now. There's no Gaia cash too. There's no 2% deduction when selling something in marketplace. There are no games that could make you earn as much as 100,000 golds within a day. All we have is posting, voting in polls (I love polls back then), voting in arenas, putting comments on other's profiles, play in Casino, and play the market in Gaia exchange if you know how.

Posting would even make us earn like 5-20 golds per post (I know, can you imagine that?). I can't barely recall how I save golds for my quests during that time. One thing I'm sure: I play Blackjack and sell tickets for 2g each. Options are too limited and it would really take A LOT of effort and patience to reach and finish your dream avatar.

I also make thread in charity/quest subforum. Detailed with matching graphics I made in Adobe Photoshop. It's another way I know how - to make people see what I'm currently working for. Sometimes, someone would help.. but I also have friends who are supportive in donating an ample amount of their golds.

There was this one time, I tried asking someone for a donation through sending her a private message.. and she did gave me some - orange paper cat hair band and 200 golds. That was the very first donation I ever received. Chyaku Norisu Scarf was even my favorite collectible! :3 When I receive a donation from someone that's more than 100g - that would be more than enough for me, and that would already make me feel so grateful because, I know how hard it is to earn golds during that time.

"I'm broke" was even the most famous line I would even hear from someone who cannot help someone with their quests.

Not like today.

I rarely hear someone say that (or, maybe, I'm not just really aware since I don't ask for donations anymore). I barely ask anyone for help regarding my quests. I don't make dream avatars at all too because, I experiment with my own items to come up with another avi style of my taste. I work with what I have.. and I work for my own quests now. :} It gives me a sense of self-satisfaction, actually.. and making me realize how I worked hard for this on my own makes it even sweeter and worthier.

I've seen someone in CB asking for donations because, she is questing for an item that was worth around 5-8 million, and surprised to see how someone replied, saying, "it's not that hard to earn it anymore." And he was right. Maybe, he has been here in Gaia ever since too.

And about playing the market in Gaia Exchange? I haven't done that since I returned. xD. I tried donating 10,000g to someone before, she didn't even say thank you. Not even a single punctuation mark. And that made me think, "is 10k a small amount for other Gaians now.. that it isn't even enough to make someone feel grateful? Wow."

I don't know why I keep coming back to Gaia but, I always do. I would leave then, I would return eventually. And I would always be proud of how Gaia has become.. even if there has been so much changes. I know the Gaia staffs have been working SO hard to keep this site running and to keep their members satisfied and happy with everything on site.

I would always love Gaia. heart

But I would always miss my old Gaia family, though.. because, most of them officially quit.. and I haven't seen them online ever since I left for college. </3. I miss having a Gaia family..

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