Hikaru layed his head on the outside of the bathrub, closing his eyes. He suddenly felt Kaoru's warmth emanating from behind him. Kaoru wrapped his arms lazily around his brother's shoulders. Hikaru opened his eyes and turned to face the other. They stared at eachother as the steam from the bath drifted up around them. "It's hot." Hikaru layed his head back down on the cool marble of the tub. "Wanna make it really hot?" Kaoru whispered in his twin's ear. Hikaru's eyes shot open as he jerked up. Kaoru leaned back on his hands and laughed. "I was just kidding... Pervert." Kaoru smiled. Hikaru leaned forward, cupping his brother's cheek. "Says the one who says those kinds of things."

Kaoru's cheeks flushed. "Unless you wanted to..."
He smiled and moved his hands up Hikaru's shoulders, rubbing gently.
Hikaru released his brother's face, dropping his hands back into the water, causing a small splash. Kaoru looked down at the water, leaning his head against Hikaru's chest.
"Let's get out, it's too hot..." Hikaru fanned himself as he started to get up. Kaoru grabbed his hand and yanked him back down, spilling half the bathwater onto the floor. Hikaru glared at his brother as he pushed himself back up and splashed him. Kaoru laughed as he playfully splashed him back. Hikaru grabbed his brother and pinned his wrists down, pressing him to the side of the tub. Kaoru blushed and closed his eyes. Hikaru leaned in and kissed him deeply before pulling back and grabbing Kaoru's hand and pulling him up. Kaoru reluctantly stood, then leaned over and pulled the drain on the tub. Once they were outside the tub, Hikaru started drying himself off, looking down at the floor which was now covered in a few inches of water. "Kaoru... You made a big mess again." Hikaru sighed as he rubbed his hair dry. Kaoru embraced him from behind, still dripping wet. "Want me to make an even bigger mess?~"
Hikaru could feel the cold droplets dripping down from Kaoru's hair onto his shoulder. Hikaru leaned his head back onto his brother's shoulder, placing his hand over the other's. "You sure are eager today..."

Kaoru squeezed his brother's body tighter against him. 'I just want you to stop looking at Haruhi... Please... Love me.'
Hikaru unwrapped himself from his twin and faced him, taking the towel and drying him off. Kaoru closed his eyes and lowered his head.
Hikaru pulled the towel around his brother's waist, pulling his body against his own. Kaoru looked up, opening his eyes to his brother's a few inches from his own. "I love you, Kaoru." Hikaru smiled and pressed his forehead to Kaoru's.