Everyone was right!
I f*cking hate it!
It's something I cannot stop.
Something I cannot guard myself against.
Something that I see coming but cannot stop.
Every Monday.
I've done it all but once and I f*cking don't want to do it again.
I can't take these side effect.
My hair isn't thinning at least not to my knowledge.
I vomit a lot now.
So much that I dislike eating.
Only I'm starving the entire time.
I have mood swings.
My senses are sensitive.
Say that five times fast.
I keep having heat flashes.
I sleep a lot now though, that's the only positive thing.
I remember my dreams extremely well.
Maybe it's because I didn't use to sleep much.
I just hope I don't start confusing the dreams with reality.
I dreamed of all my friends last night.
We were hanging out, and Orlando was sad.
He was telling me how he dated Emily for two years.
I told him it's okay to feel heartbroken.
He nodded.
I said, "When you're that age you're just finding out your sexual preference."
Then David was like,"Yeah and then you got dumped and thought I'll never find love.
David and I laughed hard as f*ck.
Everyone else just stared at us.
David was laughing because I was crying.
Cheyanne started laughing because David was crying.
Aly started laughing because I fell on the floor from laughing.
Orlando laughed at Aly.
Emily laughed at us all.
Kelvin laughed at Cheyanne who tries to pat David, but hits him in the eye.
Jessie laughs at David who keeps laughing anyway.
Sara laughs at me.
I start feeling the burn from the medicine.
I have a heart attack.
I wake up and rush to my bathroom to vomit.
I laughed afterword.
It was hilarious.