Dream Log night before 6/13/2013

Long story short, my friends turned against me. In my dream my best friends, i dont actually know these people in reality, we were hanging out at my grandparents house/japanese restaurant or something and we were all hanging out and the guy (two best friends, one of them was a dude) just attacked me and started to drag me away, i started to scream and people came to my aid. My mother and father and sisters were there and so the guy eventually let me go so I ran off. I ran to the treehouse that's out in the yard with my other friend, the girl. I dont remember what she tried to do but i think she attacked me too and tried to wrestle me or stab me or something, somehow i teleported back to the restaurant without running there. Either i had a portal gun or just magic powers -shrug- But she started to run back to the restaurant to get me. Then I realized i was jumping through time. I kept going back a bit then playing again what already happened to maybe hopefully change the outcome. In one of the scenarios the guy was still my friend and didnt attempt to kill/rape me, but the girl was still after me. Last thing i rmeember is sobbing like crazy and running back all the way to the tree house.
Lets hope to ******** god this isnt some sort of weird premonition.