Name: Nia DeLeon
Age: 25

Appearance: Nia prefers mobility, wearing light weight cloth draped loosely over her legs resembling pants and a haphazard combination of loose metal plates on her right shoulder and left side attached to a leather jerkin worn over silk covering and protecting her from neck to torso, a phoenix brooch similar to the one on Nicholas stands out on her jerkin. Nia DeLeon often never wears shoes as she finds them an unnecessary burden, and save for the gloves on her wrists and hands has nothing cover her arms.

Her skin is pale with dark blue eyes, her head adorned with black hair and the smell of sea water constantly lingering on her as she loves to swim as often as she can manage it, giving her an athletic build. By most peoples standard she is short and light weight, though this is no disadvantage to her. She has naturally small eyes and a high eyebrow, which gives her a young and alarmingly optimistic appearance that clashes with a near constant grimace or frown she holds on her lips. A tattoo covers the left side of her face, showing some form of monster breaking the surface of water.

Arsenal: Thick leather straps with metal studs dug into them are wrapped tightly around Nia's hands, a common passtime of hers being the unwrapping and rewrapping of them to make sure they're on securely. While she is knowledged in weapons due to years of exile, banishment, and living in the wilderness, she prefers a rock or spear against wildlife and her fists when she expects the humanoids. She does not have any knowledge in the arts of Magic.

Skills: Her 'mentor' and 'father' Nicholas may be a diplomat and the voice of her, but Nia has always been the strong arm, often prefering to solve issues in fist fights and other physical feats of strength, showing that she can do most of what the men can do, save for some of the most absolute tests that focus around how much muscle is had over how efficient it was. An excellent runner and swimmer, she prides herself on her condition and ability to survive, a variety of scars from her turbulent life and almost constantly having temporary scrapes and bruises always leave her looking like she just got out of a rough fight.

Like Nicholas she was once a thief, though frequent exiles and banishments have forced them into a near constant job of explorer and wanderer, often times playing Highwayman and mugging those they find on the travel roads between towns. As the quiet leader of a bandit pack, she rules with an iron fist and it is never certain if her subjects listen out of fear or respect.

Behavior: Some baseline defining behaviors for Nia are that she is dominating, territorial, and overbearing. She feels that Might Makes Right and those who disagree will be quick to after a few strikes to the gut, face, or knees. Nia is also extremely active, quick to get nervous or jittery if told to stop moving or slow down for others, as she feels others should match her pace, not her match theirs. This activity also makes it so too much inactivity will quickly put her to sleep as she's used to only stopping to sleep. She is stubborn and bullheaded, forced into a life of silence by being born without a voice and relying on hand movements across Nicholas' back to have him be her voice.

Nia is known to have a short attention span if something doesn't interest her, at times making her seem rather 'flip flop' in what she notices or looks at. She doesn't tend to worry and never appears to doubt any decision she makes, showing that her approach of control and domination isn't just an act. If she is in control, then all her choices are the best by default.

When it comes to behavior and attitude towards other people, she holds a very frank and honest opinion, sticking to a traditional sense of honor despite her chosen career. It is hard to climb to the best area of her personality, as she naturally distrusts everyone but Nicholas. She refuses to hide anything, and a persons place on her totem pole of respect is always easy to define. The lower someone is, the more openly hostile she will become feeling that such scum should be removed the world and it woudl better everyone else. While she never sacrifices her life for anothers, she will always come to the aid of those who manage to win her respect and survive the lack of trust. She despises those who break codes of honor or break off agreements of any kind.

Biography: The daughter of two clerics with devoted faith to the creators who produced the world and all within, Nia was believed to be a cursed child as she was born mute, unable to speak or cry. The stress was managable in her infantile years, but she found herself isolated in her early childhood. She didn't enjoy the life of her parents and much preferred to explore, fight, and swim. Nia enjoyed the simple joy of running, of movement and motion. The young girl had swam across or in every lake and river in the region around her town, and has only kept up this habit of enjoying motion as she aged.

In an ever increasing need to try and busy her hands and feet, she took up thieving for the fun of it, as it forced her some amount of control in her motions, pure speed wasn't enough, it had to be used properly and patience was a need. Through this hobby she learned how to control herself and through ill-fated events ended up learning how to fight as she wrestled her way out of situations, her refined body more than making up for inexperience in the beginning.

As the years past and her thefts went from small to large, she used Nicholas Pawn as a fence for the items to reap some income, but ended up revealing her inability to speak, and the duo became a permanent fixture in town after that. Eventually her crimes caught up to her and Nia was banished, only to see Nicholas follow her heels. They've travelled much of the land in the years, and the once happy girl has soured to a more bitter woman as she aged. While on the run she found a man who drew on people and asked him to do so to her, giving her a new symbol on the side of her face.

Nia tends to wrap the duo in all sorts of trouble whenever they visit civilization, to the point that Nicholas suggested forming a bandit clan for her to wrestle and dominate at this rate. The bandits gig has been interesting, but Nia's eyes wander and demand more action, more activity, and the bandits around her worry she may disappear as quick as she came.

Name: Nicholas Pawn
Age: 47
Appearance: Nicholas dresses himself in the garments of a commoner and a merchant, interweaving the two to make him seem like a peddler of questionable wares. A decorative brooch depicting a phoenix with its wings spread holds a ragtag cloak to his modest robes and shirts, the cloak a deep dark grey that blends in with the night. The robes are in a speckle pattern of blacks and dark greys, with a dark red shirt poking out underneath it, brown or black boots tend to accompany him wherever he goes, depending on wilderness or civilization. He tends to wear a tricorn hat without a feather, the hat holding a similar color to his cloak.

Nicholas has dark brown eyes and black hair on tanned skin, clean of imperfections and facial hair, with eyes that sit deep with in his head with low eyebrows that make them seem unusually small as though he were squinting constantly. He is of moderate height and fairly slim, but not quite gaunt.

Arsenal: Despite being thought of as a merchant, Nicholas was a thief for some of his youth. He was not by any means a weaponsmaster and is proud of his lack of knowledge with knives, having preferred the bow and crossbow as they were more comfortable weapons to him, having done some hunting for food and sport in his childhood and early years. However, he does carry a scimitar on him at all times in case he cant use a bow efficiently. Nicholas has no knowledge of the Magic Arts.

Skills: Once a thief, now a Merchant, Nicholas has a curious set of skills he has garnered. Not silent like Nia he much prefers casual conversations iwth people, and thus knows how to lead and convince people, giving him a certain charisma. He knows the relative worth of an item and can easily figure out what it is, though barter systems confuse him. He can sneak efficiently enough, though by no means a master and makes a much better merchant or diplomat than he does thief or soldier, often playing as Nia's Voice, and has at times referred himself by "The Ocean's Song", in reference to this.

Behavior: Nicholas is easy to trust and hard to forgive, as he feels it is crucial that all parties work together for the best effect. Nicholas is a man who worries too much about efficiency, often drafting out large plans and constantly comparing and arguing them to figure out which will make the most use of time and manpower. He cares little for honor or anything else, as he is currently obsessed with the protection of Nia. He sees what she is and what she has chosen and is bothered, perhaps depressed by it.

With the attitude Nia has, the girl could do anything she want but seems content to be a lowly bandit. Not only was this inefficient but it also meant she was destined to wind up with her head on a pike. He notices her love for the sea and anything about water, and has been trying to find some task she could do involving the water that woudl be legal in most countries, but until he finds the miracle cure he's been searching for, he will tredge behind her sometimes unwillingly, always there to bail her out when she bites off more than she could chew.

As a result, anyone who makes a move against her will find him with arrow drawn or sword drawn ready to fight for her. He may not be an official knight, but she is the charge he chooses to keep.

Nicholas has a tendency to speak in rhymes whenever he tries to think things through, claiming "it keeps his busy mouth distracted, while the brain is busy from the conundrum it impacted."

Biography: Nicholas was the middle child, the 5th of 9, with two brothers and sisters each before him and two brothers and sister behind him. The Pawn family were always into eccentrics, the father an occasionally unstable elf who came up with bizarre experiments that sometimes worked and sometimes didn't, requiring the family to constantly be on the move. With this mobility came a few quirks and oddities unique to him. He always held a pair of dice on his person at all times, finding himself to be a lucky individual and began to favor games of chance. He tends to enjoy hedging bets and chance as he's confident they always yield to him.

As well, he became obsessed with the idea of adventure and discovery, and early in his teens and young adulthood signed up for many explorations into unknown lands, often being the only person of the expedition to return. Learning how to pack and carry as much as possible as efficiently and easily as possible led to a new quirk: His obsession with efficiency and maximization of events, as well as his penchant to become a pack rat. This pack rat behavior led him to a life of crime as he became to want things others had and 'kindly explored' when these others were away from what he desired, often leaving only a space clean of dust where it stood.

Of course, these thieveries and hoardings would only end up getting him caught. When he was finished with his time he opened a shop, peddling the stolen wares and buying the stolen wares of other thieves, peopel he could recognize by the way they moved. It was during such a purchase he met Nia, a girl who always wrote down what she was offering, and they woudl swap conversations in such a fashion. After a fourth visit, he asked her why she refused to speak, and was informed she was mute, she had no voice.

Despite her tough appearance, he never saw her as strong after that, always worried that she has done what she has in an effort to not seem weak. When his last good was sold, he took his money and followed the thiefgirl, often keeping her out of trouble and continuing his watch and gaze even when exile or banishment would come from city or kingdom. Even as he grows old, he watches the girl to keep her out of trouble when and as he can, their relationship becoming more of something a father and his daughter would share, the two developing a silent code for Nia to use to talk, using Nicholas as the voice, this creation being one of a few testaments to the trust they have in each other. His age has not eroded his love of exploration, and part of him happily follows the energetic maiden on whatever whim she follows.

"Our type move and walk different. A little more normal than most expect, too normal in fact, we blend in so much we stand out."

"The phoenix cries, the cleansing songbird! Hear her Requiem, your soul inferred!"