Here's about as to your face as you're going to get from me, because anything more personal than this would more than likely come across as an attack to you. What I said may have been rude but it was the truth. You did act like that when you were with him, and I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings because of it.

And yes, I agree that you two shouldn't be friends. Besides it still making me feel uncomfortable, I don't think it's the right time yet... for any of us. And that becomes even more clear as crystal day with all this arguing 'we're no longer friends/nevermind I forgive you let's be friends again'.

Sorry if I seem harsh. Sorry if I seem rude. It's not particularly like you care anyways. I believe you'd find something even in my sincerest apology and twist it around to make it turn malicious, so I just decided to cut out the middleman and just sound like a b***h.