*Puts on Therapist Goggles*

Humans are issues. They are seemingly the permanent problem with only one permanent solution; death, among that which is genocide and suicide.

The quest for transcendence is part of the question "Why?" You must ask this question as a child does for each of your problems with something. You must continue asking yourself this question, picking out certain words to add to this question.

"I hate *****!"
"Why do you hate *****?"
"Because they rape little children!"
"Why do you hate raping little children?"
"Because it's wrong!"
"Why is it wrong?"
"Because I said so!"
"Why did you say so?"

For what it is, you can find your inner peace with the questions asked that makes you wonder why you chose to protect anyone. You didn't necessarily have to accept the behaviors of people, you don't have to have a moral pedestal to stand on; you don't have to have any of that within the Grand Order.

The thing which is that you speak of cannot be accompanied by anything other than asking yourself what makes you hate therapists, and why you don't think they should be wearing goggles. Transcending enlightenment comes with the question "Why?" and asking yourself the generic therapist lingo to see if you can reach what you seek.

"The survival of humanity is important!"
"Why is the survival of humanity important?"
"Because I said so!"
"Why did you say so?"

These are the questions you have not begun to ask yourselves. I am very accepting of those who stay with me, regardless of history, but not those who attack me for what they perceive a subjective "paradise". Alas, I'm still not good enough for people no matter what I do for them. You could say one may deserve 800,000 years of paradise based upon what one does during their 80 year lifespan, but even one would know that the reward is far-fetched of one claiming to deserve such paradise. You want an endless paradise based off of what you did during a 3 day span of events? Why such massive demands for such boring events? That's unreasonable.

"Why does one need knowledge?"
"Why does one need enlightenment?"
"Why does one need to know the answer to the meaning of life?
"Why are you asking a question?"
"Why do you know how to ask a question?"
"Why was the concept of a question created?"