Dream Log, The night before 6/12/2013
Well dreams never go in chronological order, or rarely is ever. So i'll just name down events in the best order i can. I remember i was in this really old looking place, but it was the present day (possibly just a few month in the future) and i was investigating. Perhaps i was looking for ghosts, which is probably why it was pretty scary in there. It was all regal old and dusty.
I was investigating a murder crime im pretty sure. Perhaps i was looking for evidence. There was a murder of a woman. I'm not sure if i was a cop or just a friend saddened by the death, but i was there. If it was a friend of mine, then.. eugh sad. It could have been "Gatz"
Anyways, after investigating (or at the same time cause dreams dont stay linear) I was hanging out with a couple of friends. Now in real life these two friends, well i do call them friends and they are, but. Its complicated. They both have the pwoer to ruin my life. Anyways. These two people Melissa and Steele, irl they are just friends, but in my dream they were dating. We were all jsut hangin out like friend walking to some place to eat food or something, i actually think i was in school and we were jsut hanging out. Anyways. It was weird.
Then also in my dream i was hanging with my sister while she was at work and i was just waiting until she was done with work. I was at a bookstore too, sort of. I dunno thats when it gets all fuzzy and confusing.