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my random thoughts and things i find...
just random things nothing of any real importance
So I saw Iron Man 3 today, and ever since there have been things coursing through my mind. Don't get me wrong it was a sweet movie but...I don't know. Anyways, here is some of my writing that I started when trying to make sense of it in my own mind.

Muse sat pondering, her palm against chin. She didn't understand it at all, why was something bothering her so much. She had been leaving her tag upon a nearby wall, the paint still dripping in fact when she saw another one. Another Superhero. She sighed there was so many of them it really seemed like a larger portion of the population had some sort of power than the media let on. Nonetheless, she had seen another and he had been utter crushed, she had seen the men who apparently on command begin to burn and she had watched from not far away as his supposed beloved fell from heights that would kill a normal human. Even though she was too far to se his facial reaction she could feel it. Her empathy had always been top notch, but well shielded but she felt it that moment. It was all encompassing and she feared that this man would give up.
Surprising her, only a little, she saw he began to fight harder. Her eyes widened as he struggled against the multiplying group. A man with nothing else to live for, is a dangerous man. She knew this, had seen it a number of times. But for some reason it hurt her to see this man in such agony, despite the cloak of anger that laced his form. It was as if she could see the burning aura from beneath his shining armor. To her, he looked little different than those who really did appear to have fire in their veins but she knew the moment that the fight was over, another battle won, his veins would be filled with ice and depression as his loss made itself known.
For some reason she wished she could be there for him to help him pick up the pieces. Not because she had found an attraction in him, no, she wasn't looking for anyone to fill the title of her lover. However it was something much like she felt for both Batman surprisingly, and Scarecrow as well. There was something about them that seemed desperate, that was what ruled their actions. And something about it always made her want to help, although she was constantly ignoring these impulses. She guessed maybe that it was just she wanted to save the hopeless.

Ryvear had seen it all, she shouldn't have; of course. That machine had been on a mission and didn't even seem to notice her. It was a lucky moment for her but she soon saw why. A nightmare, one that was not her cause, had been torturing a young man. Tony Stark, an egotistical, smart a**; she had heard others call him before, but all she saw was the pain in his form. She had watched from the crack in the doorway as his obvious beloved had tried to wake him and the machine seem to materialize out of nowhere, although from the size of the hole in the wall it was obvious that it was faster than she had originally thought and had not noticed until it was already there. The man woke with a jolt seeing his beloved predicament and had attacked the suit quickly causing it to fall apart. He was shaking heavily and although she knew the possible effect nightmares could have she had never see a natural one with this much power.
Her eyes widened in response to the woman's harsh words, how could she not see that it was accidental. Even Ryvaer knew of his smarts and it was only due to his wavering focus that she had managed to get in here. A simple quest for Catwoman, more like proof that she was just as capable. But the woman should have known that it was possible that he could configure a device that would allow for him to call his armor to him on will. And in a moment of terror it was expected that his armor would heed his accidental call. How could she been so cruel, what right did she have? Even Ryvaer had seen what had happened in New York, the aliens and even the worm hole, she had watched this man fall from the sky, just barely making it through the closing hole and this pepper woman had thought that it would be like nothing had happened. Could she be so clueless, things like that could change a person, it did not make a difference if it appeared to be like any other day. Some experiences were more traumatic than those on the outside could ever guess. Just like nightmares, people many times underestimated the malicious power that they could hold over a person. Much like seemingly normal events.

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Iron Moon Fae
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