We set up camp early tonight. I had a hot bath in my tent while everyone else bathed in the stream next to us, down a ways, of course. The air outside of my tent felt so much cooler once I was finally dressed. I wish it were always like that. I dread the boiling heat our horses must tread through every day. But one of the guards, Ishta, didn't go. I suppose they must have left someone, but why him? Surely even he must bathe every so often. But I don't ever want to be alone with any one guard again. He came so close, he showed no respect. I was so frightened, and he could tell. I don't want to be alone like that.
Talone is the one who oversees everything like that. Could he have left Ishta there with me on purpose? Or was it by chance? Does Talone know what kind of a monster Ishta is?
I'd rather marry that old prince than meet Ishta alone again.
Just let this trip go quick, I beg... I'm tired of not knowing where I belong.
Even if I don't belong being a queen. I won't do any good.