I decided to, you know, read some of the comments section in a YouTube video. The video was "Wii U - Bayonetta 2 E3 Trailer" for reference.

The first comment: (flagged as spam)
"Man ******** Nintendo for money-hatting this s**t. I don't wanna have to buy a god damn wii U just to play bayo 2, and it really sucks that people that are actually smart about their next gen gaming system purchase can't experience this awesome game.
Pieces of s**t, ******** Nintendo, ******** platinum games, and ******** everyone who has a wii u."

Reply to said comment: (current upvote is 57)
"Let me guess
your mother isn't going to buy you a wii u because you're being a spoiled little s**t and now you're taking out your rage on youtube?

First person replies: (flagged as spam)
"nope, I actually work for my money, and don't want to waste it on a children's toy that only has bayo 2 and a handful of Mario games."

I have to read these things slowly, because it's so boring and repetitive to bring up the whole "working for money" fallacy. That is irrelevant. What is this, the 8888th time I've seen this type of discourse happen? "I work for money, therefore I'm allowed to be a moron." Seriously, the justification for people to do s**t seems to be only if you work. Apparently, both people work for their money. Newsflash to the types of jackasses that use this moronic cop-out: so does everyone else, except for me.

Of course, here's the thing, due to the whole, "All those who don't work should not have their viewpoints taken seriously." it seems to work against these people. Why is that, because it makes the reverse appear relevant. "Oh, I love everyone that has a job. Forgive me for angering you, working person. I crave your genitals; no one who has ever had a job has ever been wrong or an a*****e before since the history of forever."

I don't care that you're either denying or accepting that each of you work. You see, one person claimed they don't have enough money; that's fine. Then someone makes yet another ******** baseless assumption regarding the exact same ******** thing, yet that person gets praised out the side of their corneas. Why is that? They need to White Knight the flavor of the month; that flavor being Mayo, I mean "bayo".

On to why I highlighted that part in bold print. I really did have to read the words "smart" and "purchase" slowly in regards to whatever the hell that means. The level of subjective bullshit at this point is ridiculous. This is 'Murica we're talking about here; if intelligence played any part in anything people buy, well s**t, we wouldn't have to use the term "Murica" to describe how stupid...

Oh yes, we're also calling Wii U a "children's toy". It's all up to that subjective definition of "childish" to come around and smack people in the face. What is a children's toy, again? Is it politics? Would talking about politics and religion make it more "mature" and "adult-like"? What is the actual criteria for this? Does having blood make it "mature" or is that infatuation with blood and gore something a 5 year old child would like? How about tits? Oh right, the majority of the "fan base" loves to point out the tits... "Childish" behavior much? I have to take everyone's subjective line of reasoning of "childish" into account, because I literally have no idea what is, ahem, "mature" about liking video games. I thought your Congressional Overlords viewed everyone who plays games as "children"; no exceptions.

Wait mine has tally-ho! Wasn't it also deemed "childish" to use meme-inspired nonsense such as "11/10" as used by the opposition who also made the comparison to the other person's "childish" behavior? s**t, I think I'm the only person on the internet (planet) to understand this.

YouTube comments... also: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Argumentum_ad_cellarium