The Mandori Mafia Family
Current Number of Members: 27,000

Founded during the early years of World War 2, the Mandori Mafia was originally known as the Mandori Tribe, a small clan of gypsies who fled their home in Italy to America, to escape the Nazi's. In a time of great fear for his lives and his children, Kaul Mandori exposed himself to the Daemon Lord's influence and in turn was said to have been possessed by Naraka in exchange for his families protection. In a way. The Daemon kept it's word, each family in turn was sacrificed and their bodies possessed by demons, The Daemon's children.

Upon reaching New York, America, Naraka , in the persona of Kaul Mandori through blackmail, weapons dealing, human trafficking, extortion, murder and robbery went about setting up his own criminal empire. The Mandori Clan soon became known as the Mandori Mafia and spread it's roots across New York, Chicago, Los Angelas, and Jacksonville, along with a minor faction in Gotham.It is unknown why Naraka wanted to set up a form of mob, but there are many theories as to why.

Some people believe that he did it as a simple way to raise revenue and money for the many cults, it is known that the Mandori clan participate in trading with both the Disciples of Sin and Blood Pact. Another theory states that he did it to spread fear and his name to the urban cities that had spread across the world and to capitalize on the terror that came from fear of the criminal underworld. Some theorize that he simply did it to entertain himself, as the being known as Kaul Mandori was said to have lived to be over 85 years old , without appearing to age whatsoever when he suddenly died of a heart attack, despite his seemingly healthy appearance. Upon death, his body was said to have shriveled and been hollowed out from the inside.

Mandori Family Facts:
-The Mandori Mafia has major bases in New York, Chicago, Jacksonville and Gotham.

-The Mandori Mafia is currently run by Lacarta Mandori, Grand Daughter of the Original Head.

-The Mandori Mafia has remained well armed through out the decades, due to major weapons dealing with the Blood Pact and Shriven.

-The Mandori Mafia, differentiates from many other mobs and gangs due to it's particular choice of crime. Weapons Dealing, Murder, and Gang Warfare. The Mandori particularly enjoy picking fights and causing tension amongst the many crime organizations spread through out the United States, taking pleasure in the disorder and panic caused by the shoot outs and underworld genocide, as well as collateral damage caused by the action

-The Mandori Mafia does not deal with Drugs or Drug Dealing of any kind, for reasons unknown.

-The Mandori's signature colors are: Grey, Royal Purple, Gold, And Black.