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The things i just want to share, like my skill in Literature and poetry ;)
******** dis :/
I never thought I'd need someone in my life this much ; - ; I'm trying to move on but it's too hard :c Sometimes I wish it never happened.. but.. I cherish the moments we had emotion_bigheart It was the best for him though, I know it was! cry Maybe I'll find someone so special my heart and mind will be more distracted... right??

I hope this is just infatuation... I can't handle anymore heartbreak.. knowing that I'll be forgotten in time...

No matter what I'm told I can't seem to let go..

And he won't listen! crying it happens so much I don't even care anymore! I pour out my heart and my emotions and I'm crushed.... crushed!

I would at least like to be treated like a friend again :c ... at least hold a conversation that lasts more than 20 seconds.. I've cried for months and months every day and every night.. and I try to change and do things that are out of the norm for me but it doesn't take my mind off of it... I miss him so much :c I miss my Raymond... Texting constantly.. being told goodnight.. Skyping and calling.. I just miss it so much and its super hard to get over.. I'm such a loser to be sulking 3 months later but I can't help it..

I just wish...some things never happened.. but who wants to be with me cry

He doesn't even respond to me anymore because he's sooo busy talk2hand maybe my friend was right :c Just not talk to him anymore.. well.. at least attempting to talk.. maybe I will.. cry

Always having time for friends instead... maybe that's why I left.. maybe it was better for me instead. I've wasted a year and some sitting at a computer and drowning my face in a phone >:c maybe it's time for me ignore the ******** out of people who "like" me or "love" me >:c I know every guy will just ignore me like every other guy did..

Okay.. Okay.. Overreacting..

I just hate when I'm ignored ... and I hate losing people I show real emotions to crying I'm not a normal girl which is why I can't keep things right sad

Hopefully I find that special someone emotion_bigheart one who doesn't sit there and not respond when you tell them about their child D< emotion_donotwant emotion_bigvein and then replace you soon after.. emotion_facepalm

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Sun Jul 14, 2013 @ 03:43am

And you finally found him! Im really happy for both of you biggrin Keep him safe!!

I believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior.

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