I have to say, I've learned a s**t ton about people over the past 2 years. Unfortunately, it's pretty much all bad news, but it's reality, and I'm glad my eyes are finally opened to the truth about everyone around me. It's a lifelong lesson that I will never forget.

So here's the lesson I've learned over the past two years:

Never hand out your trust to just anyone, even if you've been talking to that person or group of people for a couple months. You really don't know what's underneath their shell, besides what they are willing to declare. This goes for anyone you meet, either online or in real life. The bleak reality is, American society as it exists in this current generation is so corrupted, and so twisted, that it is going to be extremely difficult (next to impossible) to find somebody that is truly genuine.

Society today basically consists of this:

-- People that will do anything to take advantage of everyone around them
-- People that hide their true consciousness with a commercialized, stereotypical, self-inscribed "label" that's accepted by the media and popular culture
-- People who really don't care much about anything or anyone besides themselves and the people within their own so-called "cliques"

I'm not really being negative here, I'm just telling you like it really is, and that's really how it is. Now, not EVERYONE is like this, fortunately. I am very fortunate enough to have met who I'd call my only true friend, Ryan. I have known him since 1997, and he is pretty much the only one I can honestly say I fully connect with. I will talk to him about everything I would otherwise tell only Tetris... He's always been there for me, and I will always be there for him, and if I was a girl, I would date him in a heartbeat. XD (Seriously!)

People like Ryan I feel are very rare gems in a world that's mostly made of coal. That's why I feel that it will be ESPECIALLY difficult to find a girl in this world that would be right for me.. I'm still going to keep searching for that special someone, but I'm very convinced I will not find her...

So, that's what I wanted to share with you all tonight. It's pretty depressing, I know, but that's life man. XD