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Suki Furutani

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Username: Miss Anti-Conformity
Shinigami Name: Suki Furutani
Human Name: Meifeng Xiao
Pascala Gautreau

Actual Age: 354
Appearance Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 143 lbs.
Hair: Ebony (black)
Eyes: Silver

Blood Type: A-
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Medical Conditions: None currently

Language Fluency: English, French, Mandarin, Italian, and Japanese

Wardrobe: Suki's wardrobe embodies elements of ancient China and gothic/punk fashions. Assorted styled gauntlets, bracelets embedded with glorious jades, and oriental themed jewelry cover her exotically created fashion sense. Suki has a great love for earrings that dangle past her chin in a feather-type fashion and wears a different style leather choker with every outfit in her closet.
Physical Appearance: Suki stands at a modest 5'4", short in stature yet without ample curves and muscle mass. Her skin is smooth with an envious pale tone spanning centuries of self-esteem issues for women of Western-inspired cultures who strived to be the perfect "Asian" woman. Her eye shape is sharp and shows off her Chinese ethnicity and has an erotic milky-grey shade inherited by very few. Suki's body is slim in places that are ideally important and eye-catching in areas noticed in tight-fitting clothing. Suki's ebony locks falls to the back of her knees, styled at the top reminiscing a faux hawk-style, while the rest falls in a silky train.

Personal Information

  • Cold/Chilled Drinks
  • Sushi
  • Filled Doughnuts
  • Perfume
  • Snakes (-notes her snake plushies in her apartment-)
  • Lizards
  • Shades of blues, purples, and blacks
  • Nail Polish
  • Exercising
  • Oriental Dishes
  • Chopsticks


  • Horses
  • Summer Season
  • Extremely Hot Drinks
  • Non-oil candles
  • Blueberries
  • Traffic Tickets

  • Bridges: This fear was inflicted deep in Suki's soul from her first past life. If she's alone, she refuses to cross any bridge-like structure which results in a spike in anxiety, flushed skin, and cold sweats. She also reverts to a childish state where she stands. (*Note: If in the company of another person at a bridge-way, Suki will have to be carried across in some manner.)
  • Horses: This fear was inflicted deep in Suki's soul from her first past life. She cannot explain why whenever she approaches a horse, she's fearful to the point of tears. Unlike her fear of bridges, she seemed to be able to ease away the anxiety to a degree where she' not frightened to sit six feet from the creatures.

Personality: Suki Furutani is a goal driven maiden who i a lot less stoic than during her time in the Soul Society. She used to follow the motto: "work before play" to the fullest extent until abandoning her time in the military. She leaves life to determine her level of seriousness, usually staying neutral in non-threatening situations. At her full-time job and her vizard training, the ex-shinigami is diligent and tolerant in trial and error. Suki is flirtatious if she happens to be comfortable with people and fairly upfront about her attraction towards women. She has a low tolerance of jokes that are in bad taste and would confront someone regardless of who might be in the room to call them out on it. She can be temperamental but what woman has a 100% even-attitude?

Affiliation Information

Species: Soul
Ethnicity: Asian (Chinese)
Race: Vizard
Affiliation: Considered to be Neutral
  • Full-time Retail Employee as Gosu-loli (a gothic lolita store in Karakura Mall)

Background Information

Past Affiliation:
  • Gotei 13
  • 2nd Division: (unseated, 6th seat,Vice Captain)
  • 3rd Division (3rd seat)
  • 2nd Division (2nd seat)

Time Line:
  • March 24, 1809: Meifeng Xiao is born in an estate in a France countryside
  • March 24, 1809: After her mother dies, she's adopted and renamed Pascala
  • February 14, 1817: Meifeng/Pascala dies from a bridge accident
  • February 15, 1817 Meifeng/Pascala is honsoed
  • February 1817 - 1876: The newly reborn Suki Furutani lives in the 60th District
  • Unknown date, 1877: Suki joins Shino Academy
  • Unknown date, 1877 - 1883: Suki's years as an academy student
  • Unknown date, 1883: Suki graduates into an unseated position in the 2nd Squad
  • Unknown date, 1883 - 1913: Suki (unseated member)
  • Unknown date, 1913: Suki is promoted to 6th seat out of dedication
  • Unknown date, 1913 - 1956: Suki's years in the 6th seat of squad 2
  • Unknown Date, 1946 - 1956: Suki's Bankai training
  • Unknown Date, 1956 - 1981: Suki acts as 2nd seat of 2nd squad
  • Unknown Date, 1982 - 2015 Suki transfers to 3rd Squad (3rd seat)
  • Unknown Date, 2016: Suki retires
  • Unknown Date, 2052 - 2054: Suki returns to the Gotei 13 briefly, 2nd Division 3rd Seat
  • Unknown Date, 2062: Suki lives outside of the Soul Society
  • Unknown Date, 2161: With the aide of Chishio and the Danseiyou, Suki becomes a vizard (visored)

History: Suki Furutani's first cycle of life was as a French-born Chinese girl who's ignorance to the years leading to her death. The Xiao family and the Gautreau family were two distinctive family lines bound by a family debt. The Gautreau clan freed the previous Xiao heads from days working on a rival's plantation in Louisiana to live out in their mother nation, France. Previous oral stories said no prejudice read between both sides. The Xiaos and Gautreaus expressed a sort of partnership and understanding during the 18th century. Xiao children were born in France, treated as citizens, and carried on the business. To raise and nurture dukes and duchesses until given freedom was their sentence. The Chinese-blooded servants maintained their homeland's language and customs and married Chinese-born partners given to them by a mutual agreement between the past Gautreaus and villagers in China's villages. Because of the marriage between Tingzhe Xiao and Hua Lai nine months after conception, Meifeng's first breaths were exchanged for the final pants of Hua.

It was the birth of the newborn which will spawn the unjust tactics of the current duke and duchess. While her father cuddled the freshly clean infant in her warm arms, the dense and selfish Duchess frowned on the man in pity. Her attraction towards new things shifted for the child minus a real mother to care for her. Not five minutes passed when the woman knelt down in her expensive dress, coaxed Tingzhe into allowing her to hold the child, and claimed through the gesture that she were to be the girl's mother. Her husband saw no objections and understood the flaxen beauty's desires before the estate's minority. The name of the man's deceased mother, christened to the weeping and startled child, was striped as Penelope's wretched lips peeled apart sensually with, "Shh, mama's here, Pascala..."

Unable to register the loss of his wife and daughter, the life in Tingzhe drained and his submission and inner rage heightened from the cruel rejection. Meifeng was raised as the "French-blooded" Pascala, a girl who unknowingly looked similar to the people working in the mansion. On the eve of her third birthday, Tingzhe Xiao committed suicide by attempting to carve out his heart yet died from blood loss and exhaustion. Family members of the clan spread rumors in their once native tongue about the death' symbolism represented his internal heartbreak. Pascala's parents protected her from the servants who tried to convert her to traditional ways. The girl's resistance to the people she belonged to outraged Tingzhe's younger brother, a man who witnessed his brother's last breaths as he had his sister-in-law's. His brash efforts caused the child to cling to the skirts of her false mother more, making her anxious to visit the stables.

Prior her seventh Valentine's Day, her uncle was plotting. How can he give the girl back to his brother to steal her away from the spoiled duchess and foolhardy duke? By the time of the soft sprinkle of snow, the man embraced the idea. The events following, the young girl wouldn't be aware. Sheltered to the scum of life, the girl faced her final hours as innocently as any soon-to-be eight year old. Bohai approached the young girl at the stroke of dawn, bestowing the sleeping child cuddled to her kitten with a rose in apology and a promise of a special carriage ride before her parents awoken. With a kind smile and the dread for the man disappearing as her tiny hand encompassed the unthroned gift, she bundled up and joined the expert horseback rider outside the family home.

The young girl bounced in her seat as the clumps of the horses hooves resounded down the cobblestone. Strapped by her own comfort, Pascala snuggled in with her poppet, as a solemn arms embracing the girl for the deadly deed befalling her young life. Suddenly, her uncle cracked the reigns sending the horses in a bucking frenzy. Shouts and cries blarred from girl forced onto this shaking ride. The world outside reverted into hasty blurs. Pascala gripped onto her petticoats. Anxious eye unable to tear away from anything outside of the vehicle. Soon, the child's body lifted upwards as her young life flashed before her eyes...

Suki lived in the 60th District for sixty years before a prompt from a relation to enter Shino Academy. Throughout her life as an adopted member of the Furutani family, she noticed her development was unlike her older sister. She had the potential to be a shinigami, a destiney the young woman set her goals towards. In the late 1800's, she graduated into the 2nd division, undergoing promotions through unfaltering bouts of hard work. She transferred to the 3rd division before retiring soon after. Her days with the Soul Society were stressful leading to abrupt leave after returning for a brief two years...


Arrancar Abilities:

  • Name: Cero (Zero)
    Description: A high-powered energy blasts that can be fired from the mouth or hand. Only menos, arrancar, and vizard have so far been shown to use cero attacks, and it appears that higher classes of hollow can use it more efficiently.
    Restriction: None

  • Name: Cero Doble (Double Zero)
    Description: By absorbing an incoming Cero and fires one of her own while returning the previous one, thus creating a potent Cero Doble.
    Restrictions: Power levels are taken into a factor to determine success and strength.

  • Name: Bala (Bullet)
    Description: While similar in function to a Cero, the technique is not nearly as powerful, but, thanks to its composition, its speed is 20 times faster, allowing it to be fired in quick succession. In addition, it possesses more concussive force than a typical Cero does. A Bala's ultimate speed and power varies depending on the Arrancar using it; while the power of Yammy Llargo's version is equated with a particularly powerful punch, Ulquiorra Cifer's can blast large holes into an enemy's body.
    Restriction: None

  • Name Garganta
    Description is how larger hollows and arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.
    Location Anime/Manga

  • Name Sonido
    Description is a technique used by Arrancar which allows them to move at extreme speeds, making it similar to the Hohō (or flash steps as they are called in the English Dub) that Shinigami use. While somewhat similar to Hohō, Sonido appears to be more instinctual than Hohō, requiring no previous knowledge to perform. When used it is quite loud, and sounds much like static.
    Location Anime/Manga

Shinigami Abilities:

  • Shikai
  • Bankai
  • Jinzen
  • Hollow Cleansing
  • Hakudo/Bakudo/Kaido
  • Shunpo Expert

  • Name: Sho (Thrust)
    Rank: 1
    Incantation: N/A
    Description: Rudimentary Hadō. Inflicts impact instead of damage. The practitioner points at the target with his/her index finger and generates a small force that thrusts the target back a few feet away from the caster.

  • Name: Byakurai (Pale Lightning)
    Rank: 4
    Incantation: N/A
    Description: The user gathers high-density spiritual energy and discharges it from both hands. The practitioner points at the intended target with their index finger and generates a concentrated lightning bolt.

  • Name: Tsuzuri Raiden (Bound Lightning)
    Rank: 11
    Incantation: N/A
    Description: Tsuzuri Raiden is primarily used for offense. The practitioner generates an electric current through any object that he/she touches and that electricity damages anything or anyone that is in contact with the object the current runs through.

  • Name: Fushibi (Ambush Flare)
    Rank: 12
    Incantation: N/A
    Description: Momo Hinamori uses this spell in conjunction with Shakkahō and a Kidō net that has entangled her opponents, resulting in a large explosion around them all. It is a Hadō spell and according to Rangiku Matsumoto, it is number 12

  • Name: Shakkaho (Red Fire Cannon)
    Rank: 31
    Incantation: "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!"
    Description: The user generates high-temperature flames and discharges it from both hands. The practitioner generates an orb of crimson red energy in his/her palm or finger. The orb can be any size from small, medium or large depending on the level of power being used. The destructive power released by the blast can vary between a simple explosion to a pillar of energy. In both instances the spell causes concussive as well as burn damage. It is one of the mid-level Hadō spells. The spell is of the common spells taught at the Shin'ō Academy. It tends to be many Shinigami's default offensive spell, for those well versed and not so well versed in Kidō.

  • Name: Okasen (Yellow Fire Flash)
    Rank: 32
    Incantation: N/A
    Description: Ōkasen is primarily used for offense. The practitioner raises his/her Zanpakutō horizontally in front of him/her and generates a yellow orb that widens itself along the length of their sword. Once it is fully charged it fires outward as a horizontal blast, in a wide arc of yellow energy at the target. This technique can be launched from the hand instead of a Zanpakutō, albeit producing a shorter arc.

  • Name: Sokatsui (Blue Fire, Crash Down)
    Rank: 33
    Incantation: N/A
    Description: A flame attack which eradicates the very existence of its target. The practitioner fires an oblong blast of purple spiritual energy from their hand that incinerates a target completely when it makes contact.

  • Name: Tenran (Orchid Sky)
    Rank: 58
    Incantation: N/A
    Description: Tenran is primarily used for offense. The practitioner levitates his/her Zanpakutō and lightly hits one end causing it to spin like a fan. The practitioner then stops it and invokes a widening tornado-like blast which is fired forward toward the target. A hand is also usable as a catalyst of the spell if the Zanpakutō is not available.

  • Name: Keikaigi (World-Tying Rite)
    Rank: N/A
    Incantation: My right hand is the stone that bridges worlds. My left hand is the blade that binds reality. The black-haired shepherd is hung from a chair. Stratus clouds come, and I strike down the ibis.
    Description: Connects the space tying the Human World and Hueco Mundo by creating a Garganta. The opening is generated between two large wooden posts jutting out from two large rock formations

Purchased Abilities:


  • Name: Temblor Cero (Quake Cero)
    Description: The user simply charges a Cero in their fist, but instead of firing it forward, he slams his fist into the ground, releasing the Cero in a 360 degree shock wave of spiritual energy, damaging and pushing back anyone within it's radius (the size of the shock wave depends on how powerful the user is).The energy is most powerful near the epicentre of the shock wave and gets weaker the farther the wave moves out. Also the spot where the fist connected with the ground is cracked and destroyed.
    [Fraccion: 75 foot shock wave
    xxCuchillo: 150 foot shock wave
    xxEspada: 300 foot shock wave
    xxVasto Lordes: 450 foot shock wave
    xxPrimera Espada: 600 foot shock wave]
    Creator: Groganofthewasteland

  • Name Agujerear (Pierce)
    Description Using a single finger, the user states the name of the ability and then fires off a small beam of reiatsu that pierces a quarter-shaped hole through the opponent.
    Creator N/A


  • Mask Protection: Body damage can seemingly be ignored while wearing their masks.
  • Stealthy/Hakuda Talented
  • Contemporary Wushu Nanquan
  • Karate
  • Judo
  • Reiryoku Enhancement: Visored have dual spiritual power of both Shinigami and Hollow, which enhances their abilities.
  • Hollow Mask: The Hollow mask which covers the head. Unlike the masks of the Arrancars, the masks of the Visoreds are undamaged.
  • Kido Expert
  • High Reiatsu/Reiryoku

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Yuki no kōgō
Translation: Empress of Snow
Zanpakuto Type: Elemental-type --> Ice/Snow
Zanpakuto Weapon (Sealed): Naginata (if the blade's taken apart, it can be used as a sword)

Zanpakuto Spirit (Inner World): Yuki no kogo
Personality: Yuki no kogo, within her world, is a fearless tigress who's loyalties stem from her ability to lower her haughty guard. Her demeanor and speech is diplomatic, easy yet strong. She has an unforgettable nature about her when it comes to her opinions on people and the areas where she believes require improvement. She is blunt yet tries to be fair in her own way.

Zanpakuto Spirit (Outer world): Yuki no kogo
Personality: Yuki no kogo's personality doesn't face a drastic change. Though appearance-wise, the snow tiger is summoned with similar characteristics of a toramimi ("tiger-ears"/tiger girl). She is precocious if her teenage appearance is taken into the equation and likes to poke around in whatever her hands want to touch, she'll touch it much like a young child.

Hollow Side: Yuki no kogo
Personality: Yuki no kogo's hollow side is a menacing tigress who's manipulative, selfish, and demeaning. Often considered, the spirit has no true conscious, sticking to her own wits and impulses. She responses to full submission of second parties yet has less of an opposition towards dominance. She dubs herself Suki's evil that creeps under her warrior facade and likes to remind her daily. She constantly demands respect and the attention she deserves.


Mask: Suki's mask is a Chinese designed mask which juts out to mimic the ear of a feline. On the surface of the mask appear to be blue-toned lines reminiscent of the designs in a tigress's fur. The lines are angled at an 80 degree angle. Fanged like teeth appear from where a mouth should be during her Ascendia.
Mask Duration: 1.5 hours (75 minutes -- 1 hour and 30 minutes)

Release Command: "Tochi o jōka, Yuki kōgō..."
Translation: "Purify the land, Snow Empress..."
Appearance: The toothed blade of Suki's naginata becomes transparent while it changes to ice. The hilt, itself, retains ice properties making it difficult for anyone aside from the wielder to touch.


  • Name: Kōgō no jentorukisu
    Translation: Empress's Gentle Kiss
    Description: During Kogo no jentorukisu (Empress's gentle kiss), the curve of her blade highlights in a dark blue aura

  • Name:

Release Command: "Bankai, Yuki no abazure on'na kōgō.."
Translation: "Final Release, Tigress Empress of Snow..."
Appearance: Brilliant Chinese armor flashes over Suki's frame in an enveloped mixture of ice and snow. Her reitatsu falls and dances about her like snowflakes, giving her a mythical appearance. Her naginata's blade

  • Name: Kōgō no chiratsuki· mūn
    Translation: Empress's Flickering Moon

  • Name:

  • Name:

Ascendia: (Fujō no taigā kōgō/Unhallowed Tigress Empress)
Release Command:


  • Name:

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