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The Lascivious
Chapter 2: The Lascivious

The man laid helplessly bound to the bed. His eyes horrified for the moments to come. He glanced over at the captivating woman that wanted nothing more than his very life. "Now, Love, I will show you my true form." a melodic voice said. She turned to him wearing a skimpy nurse outfit and had her face covered with a ski mask. She flicked the syringe needle watching the liquid swish around inside. She held the needle close to his face, "This will only hurt a little bit." she teased. She stuck the needle into his leg and smiled as the drug slipped into his veins. The man groaned in pain then let his head hang back. She walked to the camera that had been recording the whole incident and tapped it, "See, women, this is why you give your husbands a bed time." she giggled and walked casually back to the bed. She sat on top of his now lifeless corpse and kissed his chest lustfully. "I'm still hungry." she grumbled. She pulled out a scalpel and looked to the camera. "He wasn't good enough. Now he dies." she giggled once more and through the scalpel at the camera-- destroying the screen completely. She glanced at it and then pulled the mask away from her face as her once neat bun was now brunette strands. Her eyes were tinted a bright red and she bared her fangs, "Much better." she smiled. Her phone buzzed and she reached for it, then answered. "Ah, if it isn't my favorite lover." she teased. "Cut the crap, Bella." Jack snarled. She pouted and began stripping her clothes to reveal a leather bodysuit. "Did you finish all the work I asked of you, Jack-o-Lantern?" she asked as she picked out a silk dress and stilettos. "The girls are dead, I'm on my way to deliver." He said. "Hey, Jacky?" she called. The line was silent, but the faint sound of cars passing by can be heard. "Can we bring Kira to work tomorrow?" she asked. A low growl was heard on the other end and she began to laugh. "Fine, Fine." she said, defeated. The line cut off and she threw the phone onto her new victim. "Akira..." she mumbled to herself. She looked at herself in the vanity mirror and ran her finger into a heart shape around the glass. "I'll claim you. And I will make you mine." she promised. Bella laughed to herself of such an idea and slammed the door behind her.

She rounded the corner and glanced at all the people around her. All the men looked to her in awe and whispered amongst each other. One of the bouncer's blocked her path, his face a bright red. "I'm sorry, Miss, but this is an all men's bar." he grumbled. She fixed her blazer-- gazing up into his eyes. Bella caressed his chin and let her eyes drift into his, "But what if I'm curious?" she asked. The blood rushed to his face from the instant of her touch. With trembling hands, he removed the rope and let her inside. The women behind her cursed and swore, only to make Bella smirk. In the far corner, Jack sat dressed in a fine suit, drinking a glass of vodka. The men watched the pole dancers flaunt themselves. Some noticed Bella and reached to grope her. She quickly danced around them then sat beside Jack as his expression was now amused. "Seems you have quite the fan club." he teased. The music blared-- tuning out all other sounds. Bella held out her hand and waited. "Where is my prize?" she growled irritably. He handed her a glass of crimson liquid. She sniffed it knowingly and her eyes glistened a bright red. "Fresh from a Persian." he informed. She savored the scent of blood then took small sips. Bella glanced over at Jack, whom was messaging on his cellphone. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were in love with her."she teased. He looked up at her a glowered. "You protect her as if you are really her brother." she snickered. Jack's expression became more sullen and her immediately turned off his cell phone then looked for urgently at Bella. She set down her glass and pushed her purse to him. "Now, about Kira dear--" "She is not apart of this discussion." he interrupted firmly. Bella's lips curled into a sinister scowl. "She stays under my care, and that is final." he explained firmly. Her expression did not waver. She wanted the girl all to herself. Even if they were for bad intentions. Bella snatched the bag away from him and slung it around her shoulder. Her expression now hardened with disappointment. "This meeting is finished. But I will have her or I will reveal your secrets." she threatened. She leaned closely to his ear-- her lips touching the rims. "I will have her, Jack, whether you wish it or not." she whispered. Jack's expression became irritated-- almost angry. He picked up his glass and took a small swig of his drink. She smiled and looked to one of the men staring so intently at her. Jack groaned as Bella walked to him and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips.

Akira sat on the couch watching a detective marathon that had been playing all evening. She grumbled to herself as she ate handfuls of popcorn from the bowl, "Don't do, Rockwell!" she yelled at the television. The character on the show had turned the corner and was instantly shot by the murderer's pistol. Akira threw up her hands in dismay and groaned. The front door suddenly swung open and Akira instinctively grabbed her pistol and aimed at the two figures passionately embracing each other as they kiss. Akira's expression was crestfallen, but at the same time embarrassed. She turned quickly away and walked to the sofa to ignore her strange encounter. "Aki, don't come upstairs, ok?" Jack asked as the mysterious red-head frantically unbuttoned his shirt. "Yes, little girl, don't walk in on the adults." she teased. Jack glowered at the woman and escorted her upstairs to his room. Akira sat quietly in her seat and heard the cries of woman. She grabbed the remote and turned up the television as loud as she could, but all failed. Akira buried her head in the pillows and felt herself drift off into a helpless sleep. The house seemed to sway and the walls stretching higher than the heavens. The noises all muted into nothingness. Akira opened her eyes again only to find darkness. Bella sat before her in a chair and ran course fingers through her hair. Akira opened her mouth as if to say something, but was quickly hushed by Bella's petite fingers. She smiled at her and leaned closely to her face. Akira felt her body sit up and move along like a puppet on strings. She stumbled and fell to her knees before Bella, but Bella only smiled. "You will be mine, Kira." she said. Bella's eyes caressed hers and they sat for a long moment until the world rushed into a bright glare. "Aki, wake up! What the hell are you doing?!" A voice screamed. Akira was sitting on the edge of the window and was surprised at how high up she was. "What am I doing up here...?" she questioned, horrified. Jack was half-naked along with the woman beside him. Akira shook her head as the only thing keeping her from falling was trembling underneath her. Jack edged his way over--trying not to startle her. He grabbed around her waist and pulled her back inside. "Thank y--" The woman slapped Akira in the face and glowered at her with a drunken expression. "How dare you try and commit suicide! You suicidal woman!" she grumbled. Akira held her now reddened cheek and looked down-- bewildered. Jack glowered at the woman and grabbed her arm roughly. The woman whimpered and screamed, but Jack only forced her out of the house as she cursed at him. Akira looked at her fatal deathtrap and fell neatly to her knees. "What happened to me...?" she asked herself. Jack came back up the stairs and comforted her in his arms with a tight embrace.
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