The Disciples of Sin
Current Number of Members: 220,000 World Wide
Declared an official organization sometime during the late 1700s , the Disciples of Sin is by far the most numerous of Naraka's cult-followings. It has over 200,000 members spread world wide, from the avid believers to fanatical zealots, it is the largest growing cult.

The original founder of the Disciples, was formerly a member of the infamous Blood Pact, strongest of the Kishin's cults, Gaius Caphen.Having grown tired of the rigid paths so custom to the Blood Pact, he believed the order to be stagnating, unable to proceed swiftly enough for their dark masters taste, so he went about setting his own organization.

Starting off with merely 200 members, Caphen sought members from numerous psychopaths, murders, lunatics, rapist, and many other criminals all across Europe, at least those sectors not controlled or monitored by Blood Pact. Sometime around the mid-1700s they had gathered a number of 15,000 members, men and women who believed that they could achieve their wishes and dreams through faith to the Kishin's, his symbols, and his spawn. As the American Revolution neared, there was a great scouring and the Blood Pact, fearing the growing power of Caphen's organization, assaulted the younger cult in various locations across Europe on the day of their celebrated founding. Not nearly as strong or armed enough to face the Blood Pact, the Disciples fled, spreading themselves all across Europe.

In their attempts to destroy the Disciples, the Blood Pact inadvertently caused a rapid expansion. Unable to locate the the divided Disciples, the cult was able to spread itself world wide and regrow their numbers at an exponential rate, and have done so up until the current time.

The Disciples of sin, are less of a cult and more of a terrorist organization waging the ultimate form of holy war. The organization, while vastly superior in terms of number, lack the proper amount of weaponry and supplies to do direct damage to any country.

The members of the Disciples are armed with a vast melting pot of weapons from across the world that date back all the way to early 1900s, and many members still use weapons from that time, produced in various factories spread through out the world that produce the ammunition and supplies needed to accommodate these older weapons. To make up for this lack of technology, the Disciples of Sin have become experts of Guerrilla warfare. They spread terror through out the public through numerous bombings, public assassinations, rioting, rebellions, civil disorders, hostage crisis, and raiding.

Disciples of Sin Facts:

-Based World Wide

-Largest Organization, currently run by a council of seven men, whose names have not yet been revealed.

-Has the largest body count of victims, killed in the Daemon Prince's name.

-Has declared an everlasting of Holy War of Terror, to inspire fear and blood lust in Naraka's name.

-Experts in Guerilla Warfare, yet severely under armed in terms of modern technology. Many of the members use makeshift weapons such as blades, explosives, equipment. It is quite often to find that the higher ranked members will have better equipment.

-Signature colors: Orange, Bleached Bone, Dark Red.