this is another story i thought of but just an idea tell me if u think it will succeed!!!
its called home

Lightning strikes. A tree burns to the ground. As if suddenly given life and pain, the tree seems to moan and writhe as it crashes down. The flames lick hungrily at the bark. The sky moans as I hear thunder growl close by. A storm was brewing, one bigger than there had been for months. I told myself to go to sleep, but I could not.
Snap. Then a pause. Crunch.
“Who’s there? Show yourself or you’ll regret it!” I yelled.
“It is only I, good friend May. Am I permitted to enter your camp, or will you turn me out into this hazard of a storm?” chimed Auran , a boy with whom I had been camping with for a number of weeks, “Please control your anger- you could hurt yourself,”
I scoffed at that, and then said “Enter.” I was, however, glad that he was concerned. Auran was always a little strange- a little too intelligent, a little too proud, and a little too- what? There was something odd about him- I couldn’t put my finger on it. He just didn’t seem completely- human.
After I said ‘Enter’, Auran came within range of the light from my fire. He’d pulled back his wild and messy white-blonde hair into an even more disastrous ponytail. His pale skin seemed to glow red and orange in the firelight.
The thunder eventually stopped grumbling and the fire went out. All seemed at peace again, but it was not so. It felt like you were at the eye of a storm- everything seemed to hold its breath, waiting for the real danger to come.
The wind picked up, almost blowing me off my feet. Auran and I held onto each other and a tree as hail started to fall. Pieces of ice the size of both my fists together embedded themselves into the ground all around us. Rain and snow pelted our faces, and even brighter lightning flashed, no more than a mile away. I could tell that either a tornado or a hurricane was coming fast. Before we could go to reinforce the tent, it fell down and blew away.
“Let us run to the next shelter!” Auran shouted above the screaming wind and yelling thunder.
“Are you mad?” retorted I.
“That may be so!”
We started running at full force, leaping over boulders like gazelles and scrambling through small openings in piles of rock and wood like rabbits. When we came to a cliff, we did not hesitate to jump to the first handhold and climb the tall monument. Finally, after what seemed like minutes but had actually been hours, we came to a cave in the side of a mountain.
“Let us camp here the night,” Auran suggested, and I agreed with the slightest of nods. He offered to take first watch, and I was much too tired to argue. He pushed me playfully to the ground, and I fell asleep- AFTER throwing an apple at him, of course.
The next morning I woke Auran, who had taken out his ponytail and lain on the ground like a dying angel, face-up and eyes closed peacefully. His hair was a rat’s nest when he sat up, and he grabbed his comb that he always kept with him and worked the knots out. In the sun his hair looked white. His hair flowed like a waterfall down his back.
“We need to go home,” I murmured, for Auran and I had come from the same place- Palinsti Luncas, which means “Setting Sun, Rising Moon”. It was a land of sprawling fields, rolling hills, vast forests and cheerful flowers. I ached for it in my heart, could feel the land pulling me towards it. Auran spoke quietly but solemnly, then smiled.
“Then let us go home.”