It wasn't long the day ended, and we all were ready to get home.

The cooks were already picking up for the day and us, in front wore organising and cleaning. We all thought that it might be lazy and no one will come but how were we mistaken, like a half price sale on electronics, people had flooded in no second.

It was very busy, the client who came in had already left with a nice tip, and we all were working hard. I could only do what I was told and hope that day end up soon cause in no time at all they my pressure me with question that had nothing to do with work. The people in the restaurant all acted like family, they work in harmony and talk trash to one another but always knew to act proper when working. It was nice, I felt somehow at home but sometimes I wish they didn't act so much like my family.

I was almost done and headed to get my stuff when the waitress had corner me, again. I think I should get more created with my escape routes.

The two girls became quiet for a while when Sarah had ask the question I was hoping to avoid.

"So?" I could only turn my head in shame.

"Come on, how long are you going to keep this up? You know everyone worries you might end up becoming one those women who live by themselves and has twelve cats."

The women who had twelve cats must start crying again.

I feel bad for all the women had that many cats and never marry or had anyone, but I of course am not going to have that many cats or become depress. Technically, I'm the opposite, I dislike cats.

Both waitress left and wave goodbye, going home or who knows where. I headed to my car when my phone ring, it was my sister who by now must had gotten out class and must probably calling me to pick her up.

I pick up and what you know, it was her.

"Hey sis, can you pick me up later." I could hear voice behind her screaming and laughing.

I sigh, guessing she might want to hangs with her friend a bit longer. "Why?" I ask, already knowing the answer.

"Because my friends and I are thinking to stay here and watch the football players practice." my sister said on the other line.

"Don't you have a boyfriend" I retorted it.

"Yeah, so. Oh come, sis! You know he won't think nothing of this, after all he loves me and trust me. Why staring at guy cute butt is consider cheating."

"I didn't say you were cheating, I was just...ugh, nevermind. The answer is no. Now get your stuff ready, I'm heading there." I said, hanging up my phone before hearing her say anything back at me. I could already imagine her screaming at the phone and telling me how unfair I was.

Typical teenager.

I turn on the engine and my stereo start playing one my favorite songs, a song which was kind sentimental and had an uplifting feeling. How nice it is to hear something after getting out of work.

Arriving, I honk my car horn and saw my sister running towards the car while saying goodbye to her friends. Getting into the front seat my sister first word was

"You can be such b%#$, you know." she slouch on to the seat while she put her seatbelt on.

"And a hello to you to." I said to her back not really caring about the foul language she said. I have become used to my sister antics. She was a bit pushy and wanted things her own way but she wasn't spoil, thank god for that. My sister is actually very bright in school, she is actually the honor student in her school, who achieves into sports and her classes. I was definitely very proud of her, there no doubt about it. But just like every sibling, I too can't stand her when she bugs me over small little thing and when I mean small little things, especially about my love life.

"You know sis, you're going to grow old and become a bitter old woman. And all because you don't have a boyfriend."

Oh boy, here we go again. "Not know when I'm driving." I told her trying to keep my eyes on the road and less paying attention to her antics.

"I'm serious. You know I'm not the only one who worries everyone does, mom specially." she turn to look at me, trying to get me pay attention which of course I didn't but I did listen.

"Look I know this annoys you more than anyone but your young sis and who knows when you will die, which of course I'm hoping that never happens but I don't want you to die a virgin,"

Oh my gosh, I can't believe she said that again. My face must been red from the shame I felt hearing that word, virgin. It was worse that your younger sister knew you were a virgin but been repeated was even more worse. I always felt that word to be a taboo for me and I can't never find myself doing such act with someone.

I'm not saying I'm scared, much but the thought just sickens me to my stomach.

Shaking my head from that thought, I stop on a red light as my dear improper sister continued her treacherous talk.

"I don't understand, your hot and have great personality, except that you're so lazy and other annoying habits you have which sometimes drive me crazy..."

"and your miss perfect?" I thought raising an eyebrow to her constant squabbling while I sigh.

"Jen, I get it. So please stop, I'm driving and you're talking doesn't help me ease the migraine I'm getting." I spoke out loud trying to shut her up. 'So not a word until we get home." The red light turn green as I speed up to get home fast.

I was getting tired of hearing my sister talk about the birds' and the bee's, that's my father's job.