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Time, undefined, place, Colterra Castle... such details seemed irrelevant; but not so. For this is where the story takes us, though it does not tell when. Time, such a fickle thing, bending to fit every observer... it means nothing here. It only gives way to tell how long it's been since the last event has happened, and when the next shall start. These words were never spoken, and yet they were not taken lightly. So what exactly happened at this unspecified time at this locale? Come, let us see...

"Sir! The Demon Lord's men have broken through Outstretch Pass!" The Knight Captain yelled, as he barged into the king's throne room. He seemed to have breath enough only to say this, as he had paused to catch his breath. The king, unphazed by all of this just raised an eyebrow and asked," Is that so? How many broke through? And how long until they arrive?" He tried his best to keep his cool in the face of this troubling news, but distress began to show even in his face. The demons would be due for an attack on the city in a day, perhaps less, he knew this quite well.The Captain's face went solemn as he muttered, "they shall be upon us in a few hours at most milord..." King Tyrias slammed his fist on the arm rest of his throne in frustration and yelled," mobilize the rest of our troops immediately we cannot let them inside the city!" The Captain gave him a worried look for a moment, knowing the king rarely lost his temper. "What about you milord?" he asked, the worry on his face transferring to his voice. "You and I will go with them, we'll have to make one last stand here and now. If we are to lose this battle it shall be the last we ever lose." the king growled. Just then a young woman, swung in through a nearby window, seemingly from nowhere. "I don't think that's a wise idea your Highness" the young blonde said with a confident grin on her face. "You!" the Captain yelled, drawing his sword. The King raised his hand to tell the Captain to wait and then asked," and just why is it not a good idea?" The the girl then stood from her kneeling position and said," because my girls are already setting a trap. and if you march too far, you'll be in just as much trouble as those demons will be." she replied. The Captain then asked "and why should we trust you? your crazy plots have already cost us so many soldiers!" The girl huffed," and saved twice as many!" she responded sharply. The king the quieted them both and said, " we'll give your trap a shot, worst case scenario is it fails and we fight a losing battle anyway." The girl nodded in agreement. The Captain then asked,"and just how sure are you that this trap will work Miss Emily?" Emily paused to think for a moment and said, "I'm not entirely confident, but if everything's set up right...it's might just help."

http://www.tektek.org/avatar/53510456 - King Tyrias
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