Have you ever had one of those dreams where you never even realize you were dreaming until you wake up?
I mean, the kind of vivid, surreal dreams that really stick in your mind, even after you wake up. The kind you swear have some kind of significance if they're able to stick in your mind that strongly.

Over the past several nights, these have been recurring experiences for me. I can't really explain why either, but it just keeps happening.
And you know the worst part about it? The one person who remains a constant piece of each of these dreams, in one way or another.

Wanna know who it is?
If you guessed Christina, you would be absolutely right.
But why? I haven't the foggiest idea.
All I know is it's becoming a constant occurrence.

She would show up in anything from bit roles, just standing in front of me, but just barely out of my reach, to having fully voiced encounters between the two of us.

Perhaps I'll write more of them later...