Most of the girls wish for the most wonderful wedding ever. The ones with favorite color, sparkles everywhere, flowers of their choosing, place which will be memorable and of course the special person.
It's all every girls dream.
But for me is much more different. Walking down the aisle, wearing a white dress, while everyone I love and know are watching me take this big step. Then all the sudden I stop, turn around and run to the door where I will hitch for a ride to a complete total stranger with a motorcycle taking me who knows where.
Okay a bit crazy and why would I be wishing for something like that.
Well I'm not.
That was when I was in high school and everyone seem to dream about their futures.
It was just thought in that time when we wore ask "what kind wedding would we like?", from one of teachers who must watch some kind show with wedding and had the idea that we all might be interested.
Such funny thing now that I think about.
But seem it has come to bite me back.
No, I'm not getting marry I'm actually way...long to go there, depending if I want to or might end up getting marry one night in Vegas with a total stranger just because I was totally drunk.
That would make a quite an interesting story to tell to my future kids, that is if I want to have.
All this love, marriage and children talk is kinda making me feel intimidated.
I never been fond in finding love or even having one, technically I rather have friends and enjoy my life-like I always have. But sadly is not what everyone one is hoping for to have.
You see there isn't a day I don't hear "get a boyfriend" or "why don't you go out with this guy", all the times.

My day started like any kinda day I got up and headed to work. I was on summer break and I got a summer job to help me save up for college payments, since I'm poor and I don't have rich parents. You see my parents are everyday hard-working people with minimum jobs and separated. Me and my sister live with our mother while our father...he isn't around at this time. So it isn't bad or good, visa versa, I think.
I work as waitress and the money isn't bad.
It leaves food on the table and pays the bills.
Anyways, I got up and was now at work when a customer had just come in. It was the beginning of the day and the restaurant was empty, only me and the co-workers were left to do some heads up cleaning. I was working on folding silverware when I couldn't help but hear the talk. Two waitress wore talking about their dates last night, they wore the type who enjoy going out at all night and been around crowd. I for once, wasn't too keen or interested in their life style. I continued to listen, by accident, as they talk about how wild the party was and their dates seem to be okay guys but not really what they wore looking in boyfriend material. I couldn't follow when all of sudden they call my name to ask me the most annoying words ever.
"Hey Lizzet, why don't you ever hang out us? You know is fun." one the waitress who tends to forget my name every time she see's me, had just call me. She was pretty but not fabulous and seem to be the kinda girl you will see in bars who just got to search for guys. Her other friend was like her but was more settle than her.
"Ah sorry, Sarah. I been rather busy this days." I apologize to them, not really thinking much at that time. She sigh, putting her hand on her cheek. "Come on, you have too much to live and beside you might find someone." her last words were in a teasing way, reminding me that I'm single college girl.
"Thanks but no." I responded, finishing my work and heading to see if anyone had come in.
I sigh, rubbing my neck as another customer came in, this time it was a male.
The customer headed to seat in the corner while I headed to his chair to give him the menu and to tell about it. The customer was easy on the eyes and seem to be the type who was easy to handle when ordering food. He smile to look at me and ask for his drink which I complied and went to set his drink for him. I came back and set his drink for him as he was ready to order. I took the order and smile at the young man, then left him to be.
When I went into the kitchen, I could see their eyes on me. Ono, this doesn't look good.
"He is single." the chef said.
"How do you know that, he just arrive." I told him hanging my ticket.
"Oh, Sarah and Madison told me how he was looking at you. You really should ask him for his number."
"Yeah, and besides he is cute." that was Sarah who followed afterwards.
"No, it will be wrong to ask a total stranger for his number specially when their eating."
"Come on, last time you said I can't I'm working. Stop making up this excuse and go for it."
"YEAH!" call the kitchen staff in unity.
I smile and ring the bell "Order up." then left before hearing more.
Every day if it wasn't my co-workers, who were trying to push me to a total stranger.
It would be my family and friends.
Now you are thinking, why are they bothering you with this you're young and could date when you want but the reason is.
I have no love life. Yes, not even when I was in highschool I dated anyone. Well I don't think dating one guy in a week was consider a to be going out, and specially since we acted more as friend then couple. So sue me.
I can't even remember my first kiss, if I even had one.
People would remember that, I don't.