It's been almost a month since Bujin Suzuno and Luke Borg had gone looking for Hanes Jackson. The only clue they came up with was finding themselves fighting against lifeless human. At this moment Bujin Suzuno and Luke Borg had part ways to lure the lifeless human away from one another. The issue is, someone will die....

Bujin Suzuno: Hey Luke where are you going?!?

Luke Borg: No where I am just trying to lure them to come after me, you finish the job here, we'll meet again after you find Hanes Jackson.

Bujin Suzuno: Be safe my friend.. be safe....

After the two parted ways, Luke Borg had entrusted Bujin Suzuno with the task. To find Hanes Jackson and what real happened that day.

Bujin Suzuno: Here we are... this must be the place we have been looking for... only thing is that Luke isn't here... wait isn't that... Jackson?!?

Hanes Jackson: What?!? what did you just say you saw lifeless human around this part? I thought that this place was clean... -talking over on the phone-

Bujin Suzuno: Now is the time... RAAHHHH!! -kicks in the window as Bujin Suzuno makes a leap inside.-

Hanes Jackson: They have already found m..... -drops the phone- thi... this can't be.... is it really you...

Bujin Suzuno: Huh? yea it is me, in the flesh and here to wrap up some stuff with you and now.

Hanes Jackson: Susa.... -Jackson makes a run to his gun and grabs it pointing it at the direction of Bujin Suzuno-

Bujin Suzuno: Wow wow wow easy Jackson, I'm only here to make peace I'm not here to take your life, though I know your an ex navy seal and that your whole team died undersea without any kind of proof of it what so ever. Now put the damn gun down and...

Hanes Jackson: Now how do I really know that it's the real you? The old you...

Bujin Suzuno: Wait what? we met already? wow aha if Luke Borg told things about me to you you must be taking it the wrong way...

Hanes Jackson: Wait what? There is another guy here with you? Where is he? I'll blow your damn head off right now if he doesn't come out clean handed.

Bujin Suzuno: You wanna know what sucks the most of all the things I do? Be pressure to do something or under great pressure.....

Hanes Jackson: Oh no you don't, I'll blow you off right now if I wanted too.

Bujin Suzuno: Well this is where the fun begins, Aaahh!!! -Bujin Suzuno throws a few knifes-

Hanes Jackson: Hey you done with your little tricks? Now can I shoot you?

Bujin Suzuno: Your gonna shoot someone who just saved your sorry naked butt?

Hanes Jackson: Ain't no one save me, but you.. no Susano..... -somethings drops the the ground behind Hanes- What was that? Is that your little friend Luke?

Bujin Suzuno: Look back and see what gotten into your head. Trust me or not, I'd rather not have you turn back anyways.

Hanes Jackson: What the heck -ready his weapon at the object- ... what is that?

Bujin Suzuno: That is the lifeless human you were just talking about on the damn phone... Now that you have wasted my time, I have to find my partner before something bad happens.

Hanes Jackson: Wait I'll come with you, after all you do kinda look like him.... you know what here take this old sword. Been meaning to throw it away since.

Now both Hanes and Bujin are on the tracks trying to look for Luke, will it be the last time Bujin sees Luke when they parted or will it be Bujin that falls under to the pins of death..... to be continued.