The Shadow Sisterhood
Current Number of Members: 850

The smallest of the Daemon Prince's factions, the Shadow Sisterhood is less of of a cult and more of an order of assassins. It is strictly an all female organization.Nothing is known regarding their early origins, or if their members are even human. Each sister is said to have been blessed by the Daemon Prince from birth, the blood in their body transfused with Naraka's black blood from birth. The end result was a number of daughters that had grown to have deathly pale skin, midnight black hair, and eyes of a dark violet color. They are incapable of feeling any form of emotion save for fear and pleasure, and at the earliest age possible, it is said that each sister killed their original family. Through some dark will, the original sisters sought one another out and eventually, upon gathering in strength, formed the Shadow Sisterhood Coven.

Each sister is capable of using black blood to their own needs, gifted with the Daemon Prince's dark magic, they are a coven of witches and assassins, capable of bending the shadows to their will. Since their founding, the Sisterhood has replenished it's numbers by abducting the daughters of the families they have murdered. Infusing those girls with their own blood to achieve the same result.

The Sisterhood believes that fear should be spread from the darkness and in the night, striking fear through assassination and murder. They do not target vast public centers, instead choosing specific targets of important such as businessmen, political figures, religious leaders, and many other public figures. Often the Sisterhood will abduct seemingly random targets and torture them for days on end, taking great pleasure from their pain and the terror that emanates from their mind.

Shadow Sisterhood Facts:
-The Shadow Sisterhood is believed to have been founded sometime during the Seventeenth Century.

- The Current Leader of the Shadow Sisterhood is Arana Setheno, an abnormally long aged sister who has been alive for over two-hundred and fifty years, yet appears no older than her late twenties

-It is estimated that the Shadow Sisters have three main base of operations in total: A main base located within France, One in China, and most recently, Washington D.C.

-Each Shadow Sister is capable of bending the shadows to their will, solidifying them to use as tendrils or blades and even blending into them to escape or camouflage.

- When not using their powers, the Sisters prefer to use knives, daggers, cleavers and other such blades, often dipping their blades in poison, as well carrying numerous throwing blades.

-The Shadow Sisters have a potent knowledge of poisons and disease.

-The Shadow Sisterhood's signature color is a dark violet, decayed grey, and midnight black.