The Blood Pact
Current Number of members: 38,000

The Oldest and Most powerful of the Daemon Lord's cults, the Blood Pact was formed near the end of the 12th century, in a time of endless holy war, shortly after christian forces had been defeated in the Middle East, by a mad priest. The exact location where it was formed has been lost in the records, but it is generally accepted that it's origins can be traced to German, and further spread it's roots from there.

The priest, Father Jacobs, was on the verge of ending his own life, having been driven mad by dreams of insanity, murder, and war. Unable to cope with the constant nightmares, he attempted to take his own life, when a voice spoke to him. Luring him to a dark worship with promises of a blissful peace, the priest was all to eager to listen to the voice. Upon accepting the voice, the Priest was said to have spilled black blood from every orifice of his body. The man writhed in terrible agony, spasming as every muscle in his body burned and every boned seem to break. Father Jacobs died that very night, and the following morning Innokenti was born. Some claim that the father had simply developed a new personality others say a demon had been born from the father's dead body, regardless of whichever is true, the Blood Pact was formed that year, and over the course of the next few centuries, had prepared for the arrival of the Kishin based on the ravings of a madman. They continue to serve and worship the Kishin's will. They are by far the oldest of Naraka's cults.

The Blood Pact, is a strictly warrior cult, while by far not the most numerous or technologically advanced, they are considered amongst the elite. The Blood Pact follows a path similar to many of the knightly orders founded during the crusading era. Every member scars the hand upon the grandmaster of the cult's armor,gifted to him by the Daemon Lord itself, binding themselves to both he and Naraka through blood oath. The members of Blood Pact are generally large and brutish warriors, armored in a mix of chain mail, iron plating, and leather covering. Despite this savage appearance, they are armed with above average weaponry and are capable of using precise, well organized tactics.

The Blood Pact, believe that fear should be spread through war and battle, through sacrifice and torture. They train themselves to steel themselves against concepts of pain, care, and love. They are not above burning the sick, slaughtering the elderly, and destroying the weak.

Blood Pact Facts:
- Blood Pact is based primarily in Northern Europe. It's main head quarters, a Fortress- Monastery is located in Germany, with minor Castles and Forts set up in Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Romania, and Mongolia.

-The Current Leader of Blood Pact, is Marshal Darion Jeston, who oversees command of the Order from their fortress Monastery in Germany.

- Most of the Blood Pact members are abnormally larger and taller than your standard man, ranging at sizes of at least 6 to 6'2 Feet, well built with thick corded muscles. Most of the European members will shave their heads bald and tattoo them with runic scripture, while the Mongolian Members will grow out their hair and tie in tight ponytails.

- The Blood Pact is a well armed force, using heavy caliber slug and bolt weapons. Often they will attach serrated bayonets to the ends of their weapons. It is wise to never get within range of a Blood Pact member, as their large bodies suit them well. As archaic as it seems, members of the Blood Pact prefer large melee weapons such as axes, long swords, falchions, and maces/flails.

Blood Pact Signature Colors: Red, Rust Brown, Black Iron