The Class of 2013 at my high school has recently graduated. It makes me think about so many things. For starters it's been two whole years since I graduated. June 6th, 2011. Two years since I parted ways with so many of my close friends. I spent most of my time crying today. I'm the kind of person that gets easily attached to someone. I'm the kind of person that easily misses someone to the point of crying. I miss all my friends who are currently scattered all over the world. It hurts.
Today brings back so many memories of high school. Memories of me seeing my friends at school. Now the only way we could talk is over e-mail and see each other through video chat. I want to see them all face to face. I remember going to school every morning, dreading the school day filled with work. But my friends helped me though all that and made school enjoyable. I remember walking through the hallways and trying to stay awake through boring classes. It's all gone now.
I have trouble letting go. I cling onto the past hoping that one day it'll come back to me. I still hope day and night that I will once again see the friends I graduated with.
Class of 2011, Happy Anniversary. I love you, I miss you and I cannot wait to see you guys in the future. You will forever be in my heart. emotion_bigheart

"Take me to that old familiar place. Take me to memories we wont erase. Take me to all that we had, good and the bad. I'll never forget you. I'll never let you go. I'll never forget you. I'll always remember I hope you know."