Case: Chambers--CLOSED

After arriving in the 21st Centurty,Eunica was taken in by IMP and told that Time Magic was an illegal form of magic. Little did she know that IMP was manipulating her to appease her mentor, known simply as Captain, who was an alchemist lich who had stolen her older brother's body. This case is one that made Chambers infamous, due to her unprofessional handling of it and lack of magical knowledge.

The Cross Branch also began to hunt Chambers, revealing that IMP had fully intended for the sisters to die. Chambers was put under the protection of Deathsayers.

Upon the conclusion of the Imposter Case, Chamber neutralized Captain and left Central. IMP has also disappeared entirely. However, reminants of the Cross Branch may still remain.

Case Closed on June 6, 2012

Black Rain Case--CLOSED

In the midst of the Chambers Case, an imposter tried to kill Officer Russell Peters of CPD. Chambers was under the protection of Deathsayers, at this time and when the news reached her, Icer of the Deathsayers distracted her bodyguards long enough for her to escape and investigate this to prove her innocent.

The Imposter was sealed by Captain on June 6, 2012. Before their fight, Captain identified her imposter as a Devourer. An unkillable monster that has plagued this world for as long as magic existed. The form it most resembles is whatever blood it eats upon breaking through its seal. The sign of its arrival is Black Rain.

Case Closed June 6, 2012

Case: Beholder-- CLOSED

The original purpose of this case was to find about 20 missing people. Hoping to improve her investigative skills, Eunica took the case and found a relation between a nearby manor and the missing people. Chambers encountered shinigami Freya Caelum in the manor. Caelum was also investigating.

This case was also deemed a failure. In no part was the failure due to incompetance on Chambers or Caelum's part. All 20 missing people and one cultist were sacrificed to pull a Beholder from another Plain. Caelum sent the Beholder to where she thought it came from--Hell.

Case Closed July 25, 2012
Re-Opened August 16, 2012

Re-Investigation revealed a cult that worshiped the Beholder as their god was trying to re-summon it from Hell. However, Chambers prevented them from making the sacrifice. A fight ensued within the manor, but Chambers succeeded in saving the victims.

Chambers met up with Caelum and agreed to finish the job, in Hell. A demon, Denti, helped by giving them a good location.

Case Closed September 6, 2012

Operation Inferno

Visher Leonidas Wulfgar, the King of Life, and Caelum accompanied Chambers into Hell. Wulfgar was late, which lead to complications for Chambers and Caelum. Further complications arose when they found that the Beholder had been twisted by hell's environment and turned into a Death Tyrant.

For all intents and purposes, the details of the fight are classified.

Took Place: September 5, 2012

Case: Sigmund's Cult--CLOSED

Eunica learned the name of the leader of the Beholder Cult, during her reinvestigation. However, as of the aftermath of Operation Inferno, there has been no activity from the cult.

UPDATE: With knowledge from The Vigil, Eunica learned that Beholder Cults are usually disbanded when the Beholder they worship dies.

Case Closed on November 5, 2012

Massachusetts Case
The investigation is classified--as are all Vigil Cases. Chambers requested to be taken off the case, after needing to be rescued.

Participated from: 12/18/2012-1/4/2013

Central Files--CLOSED

Eunica has been sent back to Central to do a follow-up investigation into why Captain went rogue and why IMP was so inept to stop him, before he could do damage and her sister's relationship with him, aside from the body at the time belonging to her brother.

Eunica learned more of her sister's involvement, but due to her termination of employment, she is no longer obligated to continue with the case.

Case Closed: June 4, 2013

Black Rain II--CLOSED

In the near future, the Devourer that Captain sealed away will break free once more. With the cooperation of Deathsayers Inc., the Vigil is working towards avoiding a supernatural disaster that would be impossible to cover up.

After months of preparation, Eunica, the Vigil, and the Deathsayers successfully averted a crisis with the Devourer. Eunica, however, is now on Central's "Most Wanted" list along with Russell Peters. The papers have been calling them "Emissaries of the Blood God," due to their method of causing a distraction for the ASPD.

Case Closed: June 16, 2013