the second book of the Other World: Book 2 The Dilemma of the Checkmarked Dead

Chapter 1

Scared. Exhilarated. Joyful. Disoriented. Guilty. Those are the emotions that I feel right now, swirling in on big confused storm in my mind. My stomach is twisted into knots, and I feel butterflies in there as well. If you read me and Grace’s previous journal, you’ll know why I feel these things. If not, well, we don’t write these journals for nothing!
When Grace and I first stepped through the obsidian doors, I felt like puking. These doors are actually portals, which are much walking into darkness and suddenly falling into a bottomless pit. Lovely. Grace says that every portal is like this, but if you go down every time, wouldn’t you sometime hit the bottom? There has to be some portals that go up or left or right, right? Whatever, I didn’t care. Grace and I landed on the black grass of the sorcerers’ estate alive, thank goodness (I just came back from the dead, and I don’t want to get back too soon!) but not unscathed, since each got a good amount of bruises from the trip. Slowly we got off our rumps and started trudging towards a dark forest to camp for the night. We chose a clearing well hidden in the trees.
I started a fire while Grace went to scout the area. After a few minutes I found a rabbit, which was already limping, and quickly killed it. I was about to call Grace back when I heard an earsplitting, shrill scream.
“Grace?” I called uncertainly, and then I started to scream her name, “GRACE! Where are you? GRACE!” When I went to where I heard the scream, Grace was nowhere to be found, except for a trail of blood.

Chapter 2

“Where, Oh Where, will I go?
Only Fate will know.
Only a fool would believe,
That once again I shall live in the leaves.

Shall I follow the wind’s blow?
Shall I follow the water’s flow?
Shall I see if I am welcomed again?
Shall I see, Shall I see, Oh When?

Will I see again the moon’s glow?
Will I ever string again my bow?
Will even the trees harbor me?
Or will I have to go over the sea?

Where, Oh Where, will I go?
Only Fate will know.
Can I really believe?
My crime I do grieve!

Shall I have to go down below?
Shall I have to lift a hoe?
Shall I have to wander again?
Shall I see, Shall I see, Oh When?

Will I see again elven children run to and fro?
Will I walk among trees born long ago?
Will I be able to live in this land in peace?
Or will I have to run without cease?

Where, Oh Where, will I go?
Only Fate will know.
Only a fool would believe,
That once again I shall live in the leaves.

Everything I own I would forego,
Even life that is my own
To again live with the leaves,
And sing and dance under the eaves.”
So sang I, a wood elf of Evaliir Forest as I strolled down a wooded path in Adoe Forest.. Here the trees were old, older than I and the eldest of elders. I’m 300,000- which seems old, but I am merely a VERY young adult. My now-blonde hair fluttered in the cool breeze that just barely could be felt within these trees. Tomorrow my hair would be another color. And my eyes would as well. With a sigh, I walked on. Smelling blood, I decided that the gruesome smell came from an animal finishing its life cycle. I ignored it, for the food web must live. I did wish to repent for my crime. I was upset over having to commit the crime, but I was not sorry- I did it for a good reason. Not even for my own reason. But I was still banished from my home. ‘It was for all of elfkind, but did the elders know that? No, they did not, but I do blame them. I did the worst thing an elf could do, I…’
My thoughts stopped abruptly, for I heard a rustle.

Chapter 3

Tears sprang into my eyes, then poured out like a river. A twig on a tree branch had a scrap of Grace’s shirt on it, the purple satin stained with the bright red blood as well. Oh, God, oh God. She was gone. I fell to the ground, holding back my tears that were threatening to slide down my quivering face. Suddenly, sweet and beautiful singing came to my ears. A sad song, one of someone who was terribly homesick. I rushed into the prickly bushes, which irritated my skin all too much, but I ignored it and held my breath. When the singing stopped, my ears seemed to hum, and then the tune started to slip away. With a silent cry, I held the beautiful music in my head, committing the words to memory. Little did I know that that song would save my life someday.
“Greetings, Alice,”
“What? Who’s there? Show yourself!” I yelled, “How do you know my name?”
A slim but lithe figure emerged from the trees. His blonde hair should have had twigs and dirt in it, like mine did already, but it did not. A thin-fingered hand reached down to help me up, so I grabbed it, but jolted away, for it was cold. His hand held on though- those beautiful hands were strong! He wore golden armor that glittered in the moonlight, and his eyes of jade green stared at me unerringly. I had not heard him come- his light feet and shoes had made not a sound, and I suspected that they would never leave a footprint nor crush snow. His whole body had not a single flaw- it seemed to be perfectly carved into the most beautiful being my eyes had ever seen. That sweet voice spoke again.
“Should not everyone know thine name?”
“Don’t talk so fancy- it makes me uncomfortable,” I muttered. A laugh escaped his thin lips, and it sounded like bells and waterfalls and everything sweet.
“Know your name, then?” he corrected.
“I don’t know, should they?”
“They should,”
“Ok… Who are you?”
“A friend,”
“That is sooooo specific- I mean your name- and what are you anyway?” I said, startled to see pointed ears appear from behind his golden hair. They too were fair.
“Wistari the elf- have you never heard of them? I would think a person like you would know what an elf is,”
“Long ago I heard of them, when my mother…”
“Never mind,” I muttered, feeling tears spring again. I held them back- I would NOT show weakness in front of an elf.
Wistari hummed a short but cheering tune, and it made a glowing feeling appear inside, like a warm fire on a winter’s day. My tears seemed to disappear.
“Sleep. We will speak again tomorrow,” he interrupted.
Wasn’t this MY camp. Whatever. Maybe I should sleep.

all italicized words should be looked for in this glossary that does not have many words so far thank you Steven Sypa for your elvish dictionary I will share site

Adoe- Time
Evaliir- Song