There's a special card being played (constantly) by jealous pricks that can't accept their own blatant jealousy of people on welfare. "They shouldn't be getting things for free! This isn't fair! Where's my share?!" The constant attempt to victimize themselves over this is such a one-sided bias that I can't really care to comment to any of them directly.

I'm going to take this one-sided bias and apply it to this article. Everyone is always so quick to point out the subjective definitions of "ethics" or "morality" whilst safe-guarding the businesses that consistently enable people to do this within their rights to do so (such irony). They would never point out the "ethics" or "morality" of the casino/strip club that puts these machines into their buildings. What's their stance? "They're within their legal rights to do so! They can be as unethical as they want so long as it's within the law!" The typical, "Businesses are allowed to do whatever they want!" bullshit always goes hand in hand with blaming the customers. Of course, the casinos aren't the ones complaining about the machines. They're all greedy a**-hats anyway. Why would they care where their revenue is coming from?

It's odd that the ones who complain about it always have to point out how much subjectively defined "harder" it is to work. Yeah, no, having an office job or a job where you practically get paid to sit around all day doing nothing while you wait for someone to tell you what to do is not "hard". There is nothing "hard" about work; stop victimizing the workplace, stop harassing your customers "ethics" and shut the ******** up. You're a welfare abuse enabler. What's "hard" is putting up with your a**.