Sanguinary blood stories

Chapter 9 = ???

"You guys aren't that crazy, so you aren't him that's for sure." The mysterious stranger said that stood infront of them. He looked around as he began to walk around as a big person came out from one of the sides walking with an axe in his hand. He began to walk toward him wearing what looked like a gas masked but modified. The Mysterious one with the spear just turned toward him and readied himself as the other with the axe just aimed his weapon at the win. "Your bacon filled blood will fuel my rage and I will wear your skin as my new hat!!" He shouted as he tossed his axe up and then rushed at the spear guy as he blocked the axe only to be shouldered into the wall as the one grabbed his axe and began to aim for the guy which the spear guy blocked the axe with his spear. "Man you are crazy." The guy said as he struggled eventually pushing him off. The spear guy lit a spark and lit the other one fire in which he smirked. The spear guy stopped his smirk when he heard the other guy running towards him and he just blocked the blow while the one guy with an axe was still lit on fire and slamming his axe on the others spear. "The warm flames just are blanket to the rage of pain that is being produced through the end of blade of the axe, why do I smell so much Bacon!" The razed man shouted once more before pushing the spear guy into the ground. He picked up the spear guy by the throat. He just starred into the guy's eyes as the spear guy was bleeding. He turned his head hearing others coming towards them and dropped the spear guy. He saw ten guys walk into the area where they were fighting and he just let out a roar as he rushed towards them as they shot at him but the bullets seemed in affective to him as he rushed after all of them. "I'm gonna swallow all of your souls!!!" He shouted as he began to brutally murdered each and everyone of the guys. After he was finished with every last one he walked over to the others just looking at them and then down at his axe. He just stood there as Kynneth didn't look afraid at all. They both just looked at each other but didn't want to fight the other. Scarlet got up as she looked at the new people there and was frightened by the raging one with the axe. The spear guy got up and walked over to them as he was blooding severely now. Kynneth walked over to help as the one with the axe walked over raising his axe and Kynneth stepped between them as the one with the axe stopped and just looked at them. The one with the axe turned and began walking toward the door. He saw more guys were coming and he just let out another roar. "Burnest is the conductor of this train and we are going straight to hell!! He shouted as he ran out into the wild killing the ones that were left and rushing further out away from the others. Kynnthe and Scarlet looked at the Mysterious man as they helped him out with his wounds...TBC