I am pretty sure that i have misspelled that title and including that word... OH never mind, i have spell check on. razz Well I'm currently typing a 10 page biography of Louis Leaky which is due tomo. Later this day.. I had a month to do it and now i'm doing it at the last min? Well being depress and writer's block. What ever man. Anyway i did spent a month of research on the bastard. I just never took the time to put it all together and type the dam thing. Well I'm stalling by making this entry. I saw Games of Thrones yesterday 6/2/13 "WHAT THE F$#K"
-That is all-

Edited#1 [ Few seconds after posting entry ] my spell check did not check the title. So that is still an error which i am lazy to fix.

Edited#2 [ Literally after the edited post ] I just realized it's been 3 months since my last post. Uhh.... I've lost what ever bit of sanity i had. That is all.

Edited#3 [ few seconds after the #2 ] I decided to Number the edits and added space in between them. Thought it would be a bit hilarious with the amount of time in between the Edits.