This is the perfect daughter speaking. We are so glad you continue to read and support us.

For the past three days, I have been fighting off a sickness. Yesterday, Thursday, it was so bad that I couldn't speak without pain. I think it was worse than the day before because I wasn't able to sleep through it. I had one hour sleep that night then in the morning I told my mother who had me sleep in her room. This of course freaked her out with worry. Being the perfect daughter, I knew this and sent her a text as soon as I woke up from my two hours of sleep. I was able to sleep fine last night and tonight I should feel 100 % recovered when I wake.

I get discouraged with my friends because I wish they treated me like a Princess. Silleh doesn't check my status' which is f*cking frustrating because sometimes I'm in no mood for contact and she cuddles with her cute little heart. In that mood I have no desire to explain things to her, only to push her away. I don't want to hurt my friends, but I do. I like being friends with Stefan and Liz but I don't contact them. In my perfect defense, I have been in seclusion due to my sickness. I wasn't even online, which is huge because I messed up my attendance counter that I had going since I was in the dayum mental ward - f*ck THAT BLOWS.

As the perfect daughter, there are a lot of responsibilities. I cannot do most of these while I am sick or else I could infect the others in the house. Well, one of my duties is to be the counselor of the house. It's my job to listen and counsel each of the family members to keep the peace between them. Sometimes it is just for vent and other times there is a more active approach to it. This is different than the friend responsibilities of the perfect daughter. As a friend you need to engage in activities that you wouldn't necessarily like to do but the other party is interested in. As a friend you listen and try to actively participate in conversation, even when it isn't something you would particularly like to talk about. As a friend, you avoid things the other party dislikes and try to do special things that they would especially like, things that no one usually does for me. The perfect daughter is a good friend. She compliments and tries to help with tasks that need to be done or weaknesses the other party has. It is important to never bring up the burden of being the perfect daughter. This is one of the many rules of being the perfect daughter. Maybe next time we'll go over some more of the perfect daughter etiquette. Until next time~