My entries haven't been too frequent as of late. And which I do post are usually private now, so I decided to do a public one. About what, you ask? I have no idea. I could rant about last night, but I've decided that typing angrily won't fix anything. I don't want to fix things anymore either. Because, well, I'll save that for a private entry.
Summer is here! The Sun has been proclaiming that for a week now, and I'm getting awfully tired of its scorching words. Maybe it should take a break, take a stroll through the universe or something and leave us to die in some frozen wasteland. I think I'd almost prefer freezing to burning. So how about it, Sun? How about you go on a nice, long vacation for a bit, or at least back away from the Earth a little. Come on, you're being a little creepy here, getting so close to us and all. For as bright as you are, you don't seem to be able to take a hint. We may have to get a restraining order soon, and none of us wants that.