So much can change in a year. You can learn from these changes or ignore them, but either way you will grow. Guess I decided to ignore them, but found it to difficult so I'm accepting them now. Sure I'm single, but I'm not dating someone who would ditch out on me for the first guy to come up to her and ask "how much." Haha! Sure I lost an old friend, but at least he isn't using me for money when he is to broke to help himself out and to lazy to get a job. I could ignore my suffering, but I accept them now. I wish I could have kept them as friends... but at the same time, not really. My heart still aches when I go to places of my old memories, but that's life. Hell a part of my heart still loves her even after all of this, which saddens me a bit. Even after knowing full well what she did and who she became... I still wish her the best. I'm putting this here as a statement. More to myself... but that is what a journal is for. This is a reminder that even if you love someone, you don't "need" them and most of the time you don't need them in your life. I wish I could talk to her sometimes though... she had some decent advice. Oh well, I have a better friend for advice now... feels like she ignores me though lol. Oh hum.