- I go by the names Nikki, DP or Dece. My sole purpose for being on this site is because of zOMG and DMS. If it weren't for that game then I probably would have no interest for this site at all. dramallama
- I'm nineteen years old living in the USA with not much ahead of myself. But what does that matter, right? I can YOLO at my own pace with my own style. 4laugh
-gets fat off of junk food while sitting in front of the computer screen-
- I love this girl because she best understands them feels the most. crying
- My zOMG buddies also keep me good company. heart
- I'm not that much of a social being but I'd like it if we talk first before becoming friends since I hate random friend requests. confused

zOMG! goals

Blood Bat Recipe (making yet another one)
Blood Droplet: 252/10,000
Vampire Blood: 135/1,000
Red Eye: 250/250
Clutch Claw: 4/50
Orb Aggregate: 0/25
Shadow Orb: 0/100

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